6-Figure Passive Income Stream For My Family Without Giving Up Being An AWESOME Mom For My Kids

Discover how thousands of everyday moms are building Amazon businesses that have secured their family’s financial future – on autopilot.
(WITHOUT any prior e-commerce experience)

Are you a motivated mom, looking for a way to create a stable, reliable, and
recession proof stream of income for your family?

If so, you’re just like I was a few years ago.

GOOD NEWS: You’re in the right spot, because today I’m going to tell you *EXACTLY* how I did it myself 🙂

And no…I’m not going to tell you to join some MLM pyramid scheme, invest in another high-risk crypto scam, or anything crazy like that…

I’m going to show you how our family gets bank deposits from Amazon every 2 weeks, simply by supplying in demand products to their warehouses…

Want my team to PERSONALLY walk you through every step of building a successful Amazon business using the Rainmaker Method?

If we work together, we even back up our service with a money-back guarantee!

Here’s What You’ll Learn If You Read This Article:

If growing a passive online income sounds like something that excites you, then I want you to sit back, get comfy, and be ready to take some notes. I’m going to share all this and more with you in a moment here… but first I want to introduce myself.

Hey mama! I'm Chelsey. My husband Stephen & I are super excited that you're here…

Running a photography business together, we realized a hard truth. We didn’t run the business, the business ran us.

Our business was our baby…but it took up all our time as we DIY’d ourselves to death, trading dollars for hours.

Dreaming about starting a family, it felt impossible to sustain our business at the level we were operating at, without stretching ourselves thin or neglecting our future children.

To overcome this, we embarked on a passive income adventure.

We spent a lot of time searching out ways to create income streams to support our family, and step into greater callings in our lives…

And from that journey, The Rainmaker Method was born.

Since 2017, we’ve helped thousands of moms become Rainmakers for their family. We love teaching them how to create their own brands, manage manufacturing, and then leverage the #1 largest opportunity to sell products online…Fulfillment By Amazon (Amazon FBA).

By utilizing Amazon’s fulfillment centers (which are situated all over the world), it allows Rainmaker moms to quickly scale their businesses to 6 and 7 Figures, without sacrificing one moment of precious time spent with family.

It’s what has allowed us to personally build our very own 7 figure Amazon income stream.

All this becomes possible once you make a small shift in HOW you use the Amazon platform…and this is what we will teach you in the Rainmaker Method.

Inside our step-by-step coaching program, we show you exactly how to go from being a consumer (where you’re buying things from Amazon)…

To becoming a contributor (where Amazon is now paying YOU $$$)…
And don’t worry, you can still buy stuff on Amazon too. This process will take you just a handful of months to set up, and afterwards you will become the proud mama of your very own piece of Amazon’s ecosystem.

Imagine…with only 4-5 hours a week of “work”, you can be on the way to creating a recurring 6 figures of revenue per year for your family.

As a mom, your time is valuable…and so if you follow our proprietary Rainmaker Method and it doesn’t work, we will pay you!

How can we make a crazy promise like this?

Well, look at our track record…We’ve helped all types of moms create 6 and 7 figure businesses, all using our proprietary method.

Like Rayna, who was working as a nurse. Thanks to the Rainmaker Method, she was able to quit her job and move her family across the country to her dream location…all because of the business we helped her create.

And she didn’t have any prior experience…

Or like Gratiela, who’s a stay at home mom, that was just making ends meet. She came into the program, and has since crossed the 6 figure mark in her business…AND was even shouted out on Instagram by Amazon!

Or what about Madelyn. She was working a stuffy corporate job that didn’t allow her a lot of freedom OR creativity. In her first year with us, she made over $200,000 in sales AND was finally able to purchase her million dollar dream beachfront property…

I don’t share these amazing stories with you to try and hype you up…I just want to show you what’s possible.


What I’ve shared with you are just a tiny fraction of the hundreds of other moms who are using our Rainmaker Method to create time and financial freedom for their family.

We actually track the success rate of our students, and we have a new family crossing $100k in revenue every 14.6 days…

No other trainer, coach or online “guru” can say that… period.

Want my team to PERSONALLY walk you through every step of building a successful Amazon business using the Rainmaker Method?

If we work together, we even back up our service with a money-back guarantee!

When you hop on the call, we’ll evaluate your situation and see if the Rainmakers opportunity is the best fit for you and your family. And if it’s not…that’s totally fine too.

You can rest assured that this call definitely WON’T be a high pressure sales pitch. We have no incentive to be pushy or try to sell you on this program, and here’s why…

It’s because we have our $10k Rainmaker Pay Day Guarantee.

That’s right. If our program doesn’t work, you don’t pay.

As a matter of fact, we pay you $10,000. We can offer this guarantee because we are so confident that our method WORKS.

The reason why our Rainmaker Method works so well comes down to one word…LEVERAGE.

Having leverage is the secret key to why so many families are making such amazing income from this method…

without all the headaches of starting a traditional business, or grinding away at a 9-5 job.

There are three forms of leverage we help you take advantage of in the Rainmakers. We actually call it our 3T Framework.

The first “T” we help you leverage is TECHNOLOGY

You see, Amazon has fulfillment warehouses all over the world. Check out these mind-boggling stats…
  • They have 1,137 distribution centers.
  • They also have 200 million Prime subscribers who are buying products every single day.
  • This breaks down to 1.6 million packages every single day…or 66,000 orders per hour…or a mind-blowing 18 orders per second.

This has created a HUGE opportunity…it’s just simple supply and demand.

But the question is…where do the products in those warehouses come from? Does Amazon make them all themselves? The answer is NO.

Amazon simply cannot keep up with the demand for products on their own, and they know it.

This is why over 50% of the products sold on Amazon are supplied by what they call “third party sellers”. These are families like ours who have figured out one simple thing…

You can get paid to supply products to Amazon.

And here’s where technology leverage comes in. You see, there are over 10 million factories across the world, and many of which are behind the times when it comes to technology.

The crazy part is that these manufacturers are already creating the types of products that Amazon customers are demanding.

What we will help you do is get paid by simply connecting the dots. We do this by helping those manufacturers get their products connected to Amazon in a more modern way.

And don’t worry, when I say leveraging technology, I’m not talking about learning to “code” or even having to build a website.

If you can follow a checklist or write a simple email, you can do this. To save you time, we even give you all the scripts to talk to these manufacturers.

Speaking of saving time…

The second “T” we help you leverage is TIME

Once your products are delivered to Amazon’s warehouses, they handle all the shipping, distribution, and customer service for you…AND they pay you 70% – 85% of every sale you make.

Compare this to a traditional e-commerce business where you’re spending time creating, packing, and shipping your orders.

Using the Rainmaker Method creates a very low maintenance business that can be grown very fast, and doesn’t take you away from your family.

The other way you're going to leverage your time is that you will be paired up with a 1-on-1 Rainmaker coach…

These are successful coaches in our community, who have all created 6 and 7 figure businesses using the exact same Rainmaker Method.
With their expertise, you will cut down decades of learning into just a few short days. They will take you by the hand, and coach you 1-on-1 all the way through to getting your first product supplied to Amazon.

The final “T” is TRAFFIC

When I say traffic, I am referring to Amazon’s never ending stream of customers.

Imagine it like this…

Let’s pretend that Amazon was an actual physical store. It would be like the world’s biggest store!

And each day there’s people streaming down every aisle, searching the shelves for products.

Those people are what we call “traffic”.

Your coach will help you find those aisles that have lots of people (traffic) going down them every single day…

….that might not necessarily have the best products on those shelves.

We then help you find manufacturers for those products, and get them on those shelves. You then become the supplier of those in demand products that the traffic is searching for.

By simply putting the right product on the right shelf, in front of customers who are already going down that aisle,

you will produce daily sales on autopilot…

Without the need for you to do things like…

  • Pitch to all your friends and family
  • Learn how to run complicated facebook ads
  • Pay some social media influencer to shout you out

The reason that most traditional businesses and side hustles FAIL is because they rely solely on traffic methods like those listed above to acquire their customers.

With the Rainmaker Method, we seamlessly plug you into the Amazon ecosystem where the traffic problem has already been solved before you even get started.

We’ve done this with hundreds of families now, and on average each product supplied to Amazon will generate $3000 – $10,000 per month in top line revenue.

And because this process is so exciting, many Rainmakers will not just stop at one product.

They will start at one…then add another…and another.I mentioned this earlier, but when you work with us you’re also going to get our Rainmaker $10k Pay Day Guarantee.

In short, if you don’t make $10,000… we pay you $10,000.

You work with our team, and launch your first product using our Rainmaker Method. If for some crazy reason it doesn’t generate $10,000 in sales, we’ll buy back any unsold products up to $5,000… and we’ll pay you $5,000 cash.

Want my team to PERSONALLY walk you through every step of building a successful Amazon business using the Rainmaker Method?

If we work together, we even back up our service with a money-back guarantee!

On that 1:1 call, one of our team members will do a deep-dive into the entire Rainmaker Method. Not only will you see how everything works, but we’ll also discuss how we can help you create a strategy to make your goals happen… FAST!

Then, if you decide to have us help you and we think it’s a good fit, you’ll be invited into our program. Together we will get you on the path to become our next Rainmaker success story!

Just like Sharon…another Pediatric Nurse in our program. She’s been doing this for just 4 years. She was actually one of our first students – check her out now!

She has quit her job, and her Amazon business now makes over $100,000 each month…That’s more than one million dollars per year.

As you have seen, we’ve helped hundreds of families to do this, and we are actively doing it ourselves as well. We would love to help you too.

So, now you have a choice…

Option #1 – You can spend frustrating weeks (or even months) trawling the internet for information on how to build a successful Amazon store. Unfortunately, most of that information is going to be either outdated or ineffective.

And maybe one day in the distant future it all comes together…just maybe. But at what cost?



Option #2 – You could take the fast track, get step-by-step help from a professional Rainmaker coach who’s going to be in the trenches with you.

All you need to do is simply click the button below, and schedule a time to chat with one of our awesome team members…

On the call we can discuss how everything in the program works. Then, once we both agree that you’re a good fit, we’ll then begin to lay out your game-plan. We’ll show the pathway to get from where you are today, to where you want to go, using the Rainmaker Method.

This one call could put you on track to becoming our next Rainmaker mama success story…

One last thing… I want you to make me a promise.

Even if you don’t schedule a call with our team, promise me you will NOT give up on your dreams of starting your own online business, and securing your family’s financial future.
Promise me you will use all the information I’ve shared with you here on this page, to not only avoid the common mistakes so many people make, but to also maximize your chances for success.
Trying to build an Amazon FBA business on your own is not for the faint hearted, and the wrong move could cost you precious time and hard earned money.
Don’t go chasing product trends unless you can back things up with solid, proven data. It can be extremely risky, especially as a newer seller. Unless you are very, very early to the party…there will be next to zero profit.
And please don’t get caught in the trap of sourcing low quality products, in order to increase profits. If you eventually stumble on a product that can be confidently validated as a winner, make sure it’s high quality. Reviews are the life-blood on Amazon, and negative reviews due to poor quality products will destroy your reputation overnight.
I hope you enjoyed reading this page, and please don’t hesitate to click the link below to learn more about how we can help.