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Chelsey and her husband Stephen Diaz are the founders of The Rainmaker Family, where they create transformational experiences for moms who want to step into time freedom, and generational abundance & leave a thriving family legacy. They do this primarily through what they call The Rainmaker Method, which is a four-step process to help any family go from zero ideas to launching a 7-Figure e-commerce brand online. For years, Chelsey and Stephen ran a photography business in the wedding industry. One year they found themselves working 80-hour weeks, never having time for friends or family. They found themselves burnt out and overextended. It was that year they started exploring what income could look like for their family if they had more time, leverage and time freedom. They stumbled upon a little-known program that Amazon runs that would pay them every two weeks, simply to supply in-demand products to the warehouses. They jumped on the opportunity and quickly scaled their Amazon “side hustle” into a full-on business that replaced and retired them out of the wedding industry forever. Chelsey and Stephen have gone on to share The Rainmaker Method for other families who want to get out of the hustle hamster wheel of trading dollars for hours. Increasing leverage is the main focus of the program as they help moms avoid falling into “hustle traps” and learn to work from a place of rest. This transforms them into rockstar CEO while still empowering them to raise world changers and leave a legacy. To do this, they leverage systems like Amazon FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) so that sales and shipping can happen in a hands-off way allowing any mom to scale her business without hiring a huge team or doing all the work herself.

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The Rise Of Family-First Entrepreneurs: How The Rainmaker Challenge Is Leading The Way

In recent years, family-first entrepreneurship has been on the rise, as parents prioritize their families while using their businesses to provide for them and create flexibility in their schedules. According to a National Women’s Business Council study, 42% of U.S. entrepreneurs are women, and 70% of those women have children under 18. A report by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor also found that three-quarters of entrepreneurs worldwide are family-owned and managed…

The Rainmaker Challenge: The Step-by-Step Guide For Moms To Build A Successful Online Brand

In today’s digital age, building a brand online has become an increasingly popular and lucrative venture. For moms, in particular, the benefits of building an online brand are endless. Not only does it provide a flexible work schedule that can accommodate their busy lives as caretakers, but it also allows them to share their passion and expertise with the world while making a significant income.

To help moms build a successful online brand, The Rainmaker Family has developed a step-by-step method that provides coaching, resources, and tools to create a seven-figure online brand. Here’s a rough background of what the training covers…

Moms Can Have It All: The Rainmaker Family’s System For Building A Successful Amazon Business While Raising World Changers

For many moms, balancing work and family life can be challenging and lead to feelings of guilt and anxiety. Pew Research Center survey found that 56% of working moms find it difficult to balance their responsibilities at work and home, while 41% feel rushed and lack time for themselves. Such stress can negatively impact mental health and relationships. Recognizing these struggles, The Rainmaker Family offers a system to help moms achieve successful work-life balance.

The Rainmaker Challenge: Empowering Moms To Build E-Commerce Brands That Leave A Legacy

The e-commerce industry has witnessed exceptional growth in recent years, fueled by technological progress and a surge in online shopping. An eMarketer report estimates that online sales will eclipse $6 trillion this year, representing more than 20% of all retail sales. Moreover, the report anticipates that total spending in the sector will surpass $7 trillion by 2025.

E-Commerce and the emergence of mom-owned business

A primary catalyst for e-commerce growth has been the rise of mom-owned businesses. These entrepreneurs have become an influential force in the e-commerce landscape, with their unique perspectives shaping the creation of e-commerce brands that often reflect their personal experiences and values…

The Great Pandemic Pivot: Why Moms Are Choosing To Work Smarter This Year

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the lives and work of individuals, particularly working mothers. Women’s labor force participation rate, as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, dropped to its lowest since 1986 at 57% in April 2020. Despite the challenges, working moms are now embracing a more efficient work model that allows them to balance their responsibilities and professional aspirations…