Frequently Asked Questions

A challenge is an invitation to place yourself or others in a new positively trying environment for the benefit of growth and testing your abilities. We love challenges because we all get to push one another on to greatness in a short amount of time. The energy and momentum is contagious and we see powerful results!

Doing Things With Friends Is Always Better! We love that many of you want to invite your friends to this group! Please have them go through the website.

Yes, hear some feedback from people who’ve taken the challenge in the past here:

There’s also some great case studies of the income Rainmakers are earning on the main challenge website:

Everything you will need to be successful with the Rainmaker Challenge can be found in these 4 locations:

*Newsfeed: Also known as the Discussion. This is the main feed in the group where all posts are made. All live sessions can be found streaming into this main feed of the group.

*Units: All challenge sessions, recordings/replays, digital content, and any bonuses will be found neatly organized here by day. There is some content hosted here from previous challenges – we recommend going in order however and not skipping ahead for the best experience with minimal confusion.

*Events: Please check here to know what time the session will be going live for each day of the challenge. A group event will be created and posted for each day. RSVP “going” for notifications.

*Announcements: The go-to spot for important information, announcements, and live videos from Stephen & Chelsey. All live challenge sessions will be pinned in this location as well for quick reference.

Core training sessions will be held at 9am pst every day in the challenge Facebook group. These times are subject to change. They will be streamed via Facebook Live directly into the Newsfeed of the group.

Bonus training times will vary. Please keep an eye on the Events tab for any extra bonus trainings!

You can view each daily live training by going directly to the Newsfeed, Announcements, or Units in the group at the specified start time.

The replays will be available FOR A LIMITED TIME in the Announcements and Units section and you can find it organized there by the day.

To stay up to date for when a live session starts you can sign up for daily Messenger reminders subscribing to our Messenger Alert Bot here:

You can also go to the Events section of the group for daily & upcoming challenge information.
Yes! We have a messenger bot system set up for this very task. Click here: and follow the prompts and you’ll be subscribed. The Facebook business page those messages are sent from is called “Stephen Diaz” – this is not Stephen’s personal Facebook and will any questions sent to that inbox will not be monitored (so don’t reply to the robot).
All live sessions will be recorded. The recordings will be available immediately after the Livestream ends to view at your convenience in the Units section of the Facebook group. These are neatly organized by day.

Short on time? Use the Google Chrome’s Video Speed Controller Extension to watch the replays at a higher speed to save time.

In the rare case the ZOOM to Facebook integration does not work, we will upload the video into the group. Please know that we have no control of this, and we will do our best to get you the live stream and the best viewing options possible.

The recordings will only be available to view for the duration of the challenge and the following week prior. Please keep in mind that this is a challenge and not a course. You are highly encouraged to keep up with all live/recorded content daily. (it’s a challenge!)

Yes! All training’s replays will live in the UNITS tab and will be added there shortly after each day’s live training. These replays are only up for a limited time because this is a CHALLENGE not an online course 🙂 If you want lifetime access to the replays of the trainings those can be purchased here:

Every day of the Challenge we’ll give you an opportunity to win. Doing these quick wins not only helps you hold yourself accountable to getting better results, they’ll also enter you into chances to win daily giveaways and prizes. Stephen & Chelsey will give you your QUICK WINS for the day will verbally at the end of each live training.

To go live: Click “Create Post” at the top of your Newsfeed in the group.
Click 📷 then click “Live Video”.
Write something about your live video you’re about to make.
Click “Go Live” in the bottom right.
When you are finished stop the recording and share it to the group!

Here’s a GO LIVE tutorial if you’re on mobile (easiest way to go LIVE):

Day 1: Where Do I Even Get Started?

Major Breakthrough You’ll Have When You Watch Day 1:

Where Do I Even Get Started?
What is Amazon FBA? How does it work?

During this day we’ll share the #1 hack to be successful with this business.


Day 2: How Much Time Does This Take?

Major Breakthrough You’ll Have When You Watch Day 2:

How much time does it take to make passive income happen for my family?

We’ll reveal exactly how much time you need to build this type of business (it’s less than you think) and show you how we do it in less time than everyone else. We’ll even bring on some past Rainmaker Challenge guests to interview them and get their candid honest answers.


Day 3: How Much Money Do I Need? How Can I Powerfully Profit From the Start?

Major Breakthrough You’ll Have When You Watch Day 3:

How Much Money (exactly) Do I Need? We’ll go over how much we recommend investing into your business to start and I’ll show you how to use our Power Profit Tool (our free bonus gift to you) to take calculated risks that pay off! We’ll also show you ALL the ways you can start selling on Amazon, whether you have $0, $1000, or $10,000 to invest.


Day 4: Are there ways to make this easier and more passive? What if I don’t have ANY product ideas?

Major Breakthrough You’ll Have When You Watch Day 4:

We’ll show you the essential tools that will take you from beginner to pro in under an hour and I’ll show you live how simple it is to discover hidden product opportunities you would never think to sell on Amazon.


Day 5: How Do I Find Highly Profitable Products To Sell on Amazon?

Major Breakthrough You’ll Have When You Watch Day 5:

How Do I Know Which Products To Sell on Amazon?

How Do I “Find Gold”?

We’ll teach you 4 MUST KNOW product qualifiers that we take into consideration every time we consider a new product to sell on Amazon.


Day 6: How Do I Go From A Product Idea To Physical Reality?

Major Breakthrough You’ll Have When You Watch Day 6:

We’ll show you exactly how, step by step how to “source” products from manufacturers. This ONE day’s training will change your life forever and you could build an entire business model on this secret we’ll teach you during this hour.


Day 7: How Do I Accelerate And Take My Business To Six Figures and Beyond?

Major Breakthrough You’ll Have When You Watch Day 7:

We’ll show you the #1 secret to success when it comes to this business and how our Rainmakers Academy students have used this process to make more than they ever dreamed was possible passively online.

Daily Prizes & Giveaways: (Random drawings)
• Must be registered through
• Must complete all active units up until the current day of the giveaway (Mark as done and comment on)
• Must go LIVE daily with an update on your Quick Win

Awards: (According to Facebook statistics)
• #1 Top contributor – Likes, comments, and posts
• #2 Top contributor – Likes, comments, and posts
• #3 Top contributor – Likes, comments, and posts

To be considered for awards you must have met the eligibility requirements for giveaways as well.
Congrats! If you won a prize please go to this site [] and fill out the quick form. If you don’t fill out this form we wont know where to send your prize so you wont receive it! If you won a digital gift card, please check your email and your spam folder within a day or two of winning the prize to make sure you can redeem the card.

If you purchased the LIFETIME ACCESS at the early bird rate of $97, awesome job! You’ll be emailed all the replays, transcripts and audio files after the challenge has been completed. Please give the transcription team 2-3 weeks after the challenge.

If you missed the early bird rate, no worries! You can still purchase LIFETIME ACCESS any time here:

We’ll be sending out all the lifetime access videos and transcripts via email once the challenge is completed and those videos are taken off the Facebook page.

On our website we have the following products:
$27 Access to the 7 Day Rainmaker Challenge
$97 Lifetime Access To Replays, Audio & Transcripts
$127 The Rainmaker Plus VIP Experience

If you clicked “YES” to purchase one of those products by mistake, please email from the email you made the mistaken purchase from and we can refund your account and remove you from that optional upgrade.
If someone added you to this group and you haven’t paid the $27, please navigate to and get registered. On that page you’ll also have the opportunity for some optional upgrades to your challenge experience.

You do not need to pay again if you’ve been through a previous challenge and want to watch the LIVE training on Facebook. If you would like to be entered into the daily prize giveaways however, please register again as we pull names from the hat of current registrations:

You also may want to upgrade your Rainmaker Challenge experience here with the Rainmaker PLUS Q&A Bonus Sessions.

If you joined during an active challenge, no worries, you can still get caught up! Consider it a challenge 😉 – Let’s be honest, if you can binge watch a Netflix show, you can get caught up with the Rainmaker challenge before the videos are taken down! We make sure to leave them up for about 1 week after the challenge is over to give any late comers a chance to complete the challenge.

If you would like to add lifetime access to take your time with the replays, you can upgrade your Rainmaker experience here: Rainmaker Upgrade Page.

If you joined after the videos were taken down, shoot! You missed it (for now). We can either:
1. Refund you and keep you in the loop for the next challenge.
2. Keep your $27 investment and you can stay in this group and wait for the next Challenge (dates TBD).
3. You can purchase the lifetime access to the replays and all the bonus videos here: Rainmaker Upgrade Page

If you’d like Option #1, just email and we can take care of you 🙂

It is very possible that someone else had that question too! Please use the search feature in the Facebook group to see if the answer you are looking for is already in the group and answered in the Newsfeed.

1. To search for posts in a group: Go to the Newsfeed of this group
2. Click the magnifying glass picture to search (left side on desktop, top search bar on mobile)
3. Enter names or keywords that appear in the post or the comments of the post you’re searching for.
4. Filter search results by selecting options on the left

• Ask questions in multiple places. In the last challenge before we had a dedicated support email, people would message the same question to Stephen’s messenger, Chelsey’s messenger, Our business Facebook page, the group and email… this created about 4-5x the amount of work it took for us to respond to these questions – now we have an email to direct all questions to – after you’ve searched this group first for the answer:

• Do not message Stephen or Chelsey privately on Facebook with questions. There is no guarantee they will respond as they receive a lot of messages there and those inboxes are unmonitored during the challenge.Still, have questions?

Please take some time to get familiar with the Facebook group. Check out the Newsfeed, Announcements, Events, or Units section within the group for important information including group conduct, session times, what to expect, FAQ, and more. We understand that challenges can be a new and exciting experience, if you find you still need support after referring to your welcome email and utilizing the resources found in this group please email us