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Wisdom From an Inner Circle Mastermind

Our Rainmaker families know that we’re always looking for the next best thing. Our goal as Rainmakers is to build wealth for our family without sacrificing precious family time, so we’re always hunting for opportunities to push into abundance! 

Today, we’re going to share some nuggets of wisdom from an awesome behind-the-scenes experience that’s helped our business grow. Let’s dive into what we learned at this Inner Circle event and discover some new strategies for developing your personal wealth.

Commit To You

It actually took us a while to decide whether or not to attend this event, and we’re so glad we made that commitment to what we wanted to do to grow our business. Have you ever joined something or signed up for something, and then not followed through? Everyone does it, and it holds us back. If you feel like you should be doing something new, listen to that pull. What emotional sensation are you feeling? Does the opportunity feel like it will bring you peace? This is something you should listen to. 

Trust yourself and your instincts, and commit to starting or joining that opportunity. You can’t get started on any business development, whether that’s starting a new business or making a big change in your existing business, without committing and taking action.

Focus On Problem Solving

No matter what your business is, the core of any business is actually solving problems for people. Focusing on what the problem actually is can help clarify your business goals and help you improve your offerings.

Challenge yourself to say in ten words or less what the problem is. Problems move people; features do not. A lot of times, the product you sell is the solution to the problem that people have. Don’t try to sell people on your product’s features or the beneficial features of your service; instead, talk about solutions, transformations, and other problem solving that your service or product can offer a person.

Sell Opportunities, Not Improvements

Something that can really help you frame the problems that your business solves is talking about opportunities rather than improvements. It’s easy to recognize an improvement offer when you’re writing because they end in “er” – for example, your product is better, faster, or stronger. This makes people admit that they need improvements, and nobody actually likes to think about that. People would rather join a new opportunity that excites them.

Lead Your Business

If you look at history, all successful movements have had three things in common: a leader, a new opportunity, and a future base cause. These three things set the stage for a movement around your business or product. You really do have an opportunity to build a following around your product or service, provided that you can offer these things. 

You don’t have to be a visible leader. If you’re not comfortable being in your product’s marketing imagery, or you are targeting a different demographic, you can hire people to play this role and give your audience something aspirational to watch. But you do need to be a leader and create a company that offers opportunity.

Change Your Offer Structure

When you’re structuring the offer of opportunity that you’re putting out there for the buyer, you have space to make some creative changes that can lead to enormous success. Now, this won’t work for everything– for example, if you have an FBA business, you can’t really pull this off on Amazon itself. But you can play around with how you structure the offer in your social media and other funnels, and sometimes small changes can make a huge difference.

For instance, we learned about one website that offered a service at $67 a month, but the software was something that the customer purchased once and then the only overhead was customer service. The way their targeting strategy works is that they have on the website that the service is $67 a month, and then in their funnels, they would target people with an offer of lifetime access for the price of one month. 

The positioning of $67 per month on the website and then the opportunity to pay so much less triggered customer psychology. People love getting a deal. When you structure your offers to speak to the desire of the buyer, you can draw in a larger audience than you might have with your standard offer structure. Playing with pricing in your funnels can position your product as higher value and make things easier for your customers.

These are just a few of the many things we learned to share with our Rainmaker community. Our community is full of people just like you who want to build generational wealth while getting to enjoy every little moment with their families. If you’d like to learn more about pushing yourself and improving your family’s financial freedom, join our Rainmaker challenge and learn how to make it rain! 

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