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What To Do When Walls Come Up

Think back to the first time you rode a roller coaster. The nervous excitement you felt as the car clicked higher and high leading you to the very top, and then *boom* a sudden drop. The kind of drop that makes your stomach do flip flops, makes you scream, makes you sick, but also leads you to the next high place, the next twist, the next hill, the next scream, the next laugh. The joy, the fear, the laughs, and the tears of riding a roller coaster, mirror the same feelings and throws of entrepreneurship

In everything you do you are going to hit walls. Walls that will make you uncomfortable, loose money, loose time, and make you want to quit. How we see these walls, and decide to handle them is what makes or breaks us. These walls don’t have to stop us though. We can overcome them, break through them, and even use them as building blocks of your business and a guide for others.

In this episode, we talk about what it’s like to hit a wall as an entrepreneur, and how to change your mindset to forge through and learn from those walls. We also are going to share personal examples of how we have encountered walls in our life, as well as in business. We want to offer you encouragement and insight to those who have hit a wall in their business. We also get to see how our experiences now can be used to protect and help others later on.

Whether you have hit a wall before, are currently up against a wall, or want to be prepared for when it happens, you have a support team behind you, a community ready to help, and knowledge to share. So let’s jump in and step into that bright future of financial freedom.

More of What We Talk About:

  • Stephen’s “How Can I?” moment that challenged him
  • The two choices we have when we hit a wall.
  • Three things you need to surround yourself with to be successful in entrepreneurship
  • How Chelsey stepped out of her comfort zone and learned to push through fear, and find joy.
  • Seeing walls for what they are.
  • Examples of “I can’t” moments in our business.
  • When to use outsourcing.
  • Using your pains to save other people.
  • How to shift your mindset.
  • And much more!



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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:36 Welcome back!
  • 0:51 One of the reasons why we love being entrepreneurs!
  • 2:05 Before you start crushing it, sometimes the walls come up.
  • 2:39 Our road trip to Tahoe
  • 4:35 Shifting into the “how can I?” mindset
  • 7:01 Your breakthrough can become other peoples breakthrough
  • 8:58 There are always choices when you face adversity
  • 10:16 Entrepreneurial tips from Kaizen
  • 12:43 How Chelsey was able to overcome fear with dancing
  • 18:13 The results of healthy pressure
  • 20:06 Every wall can become a ramp
  • 21:19 A few examples of when we came up against walls
  • 26:26 How sometimes the “walls” are actually there to make you better
  • 27:10 Nothing is wasted
  • 29:27 Your breakthrough isn’t just for you
  • 32:04 You can get your hopes up

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