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What is the Rainmaker Challenge?

When someone asks us to explain what the Rainmaker Challenge offers using only one word: freedom. It’s the freedom to be there, with your kids and family, no matter what, and not worry about income. It’s the freedom to be able to provide without having to spend all of your time in an office. It’s the freedom to say, “I’m not working today,” any day you want. As a Rainmaker, you get to do something for yourself.

Rainmaker family is one where bonds are tight, but money isn’t. Joining the Rainmaker Challenge lets you learn how to provide for your family and keep the lights on and food in the pantry without missing out on the moments that define your kids’ lives. If you’re not sold yet, let us how mamas are achieving the result shown in our case study.

The Basics of The Rainmaker Challenge

The Rainmaker Challenge is a 7-day coaching program designed to walk you through setting up an Amazon FBA business, start to finish. Our goal is to show you how to set up an online business that will generate income; passive income-generating techniques are the name of our game.

Day 1: Where Do I Get Started?

Day 1, our goal is to show you how to get your online business started. We answer your questions, walk you through Amazon FBA, and get you the foundation of knowledge you need to have a successful online business. 

Plus, if you feel like you haven’t gotten your money’s worth of information from our first day of coaching, you can get a full refund. We want you to take this first step to being a Rainmaker with confidence; we never want you to feel taken advantage of.

Day 2: How To Do This in Less Than 60 Minutes a Day

The whole point of this is to make a passive income, so on Day 2, we will show you how less than 60 minutes of work a day can keep your business going and profiting. We are honest about how much time this style of income generation will take because that’s the whole point of this challenge: freeing up your life to be with the people you love and to take care of yourself.

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Day 3: How To Powerfully Profit From the Start

Now we get into the numbers of the business. We show all the different avenues you can take for an Amazon business. We teach you how to ensure profit from the get-go and avoid the tumultuous beginnings most businesses have to deal with. Plus, we show you the calculations for good products to sell so you can expand your business later, long after our coaching!

Day 4: How To Make Your Business “Hands-Off”

With the basics of product calculation down, we teach you how to make your business as hands-off as possible so you can spend your time doing what you love with the people you love. We also expand the possibilities for product opportunities; we want to teach you how to grow your business further and further!

Day 5: Find High-Profit Products to Sell

Next, we go in-depth on some of the ideas we’ve introduced: how to identify the best products to sell. We show you the four must-know product qualifiers that we look for. We give you everything you need to know to identify products to add to your Amazon FBA business so you can build your catalog as you see fit.

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Day 6: Go From a Product Idea to a Physical Reality

This day is the biggie. We consolidate everything you’ve learned over the last five days into a complete business plan. We elevate the different methods and techniques we’ve taught you into the structure for a truly profitable business. We teach you how to source your products and run your business in a simple, hands-off manner that is effective and efficient.

Day 7: How Do I Accelerate and Take My Business Bottomline to the Moon?

And with your business plan crystallized, we close out the Rainmaker with future-proofing. We teach you tricks and tips for starting your business. We show success stories and plans proven to work by other Rainmaker students. We show you how to grow your business in 12 months and how to plan for success.

The Rainmaker challenge takes you from zero to hero in 7 days. Our goal is to teach moms what they need to know to become Rainmakers for themselves and their families. If you like what you’ve seen, check out the start your Rainmaker journey and change your life today.

Woman reading about The Rainmaker Challenge on laptop

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