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What If You Were 10x Bolder? Nora McIntosh Shares How This Simple Mind Game Can Radically Transform Your Life

What would your life look like if you were 10X bolder? 

Would you finally start that business? Write that book? End that relationship? Launch your new product? Travel abroad? Or maybe, being 10X bolder just means that you could believe in yourself again. 

The fact is, fear shows up in different ways for all of us but the one thing that remains the same is fear will always hold us back. 

It takes boldness to create the life of your dreams and break out of the mold. In this episode, we chat with someone who has been committed to being a student of boldness and decided to put the voice of fear on mute and see what happens.

Welcome back to the Rainmaker Family Show! Today we want to introduce you to the one and only Nora McIntosh. One day, Nora was scrolling on YouTube and stumbled on a video from a speaker she follows.

“What would you do if you were ten times bolder? If you’re doing anything other than that, then fear has diminished you.” The speaker said.

Those words struck a chord within Nora and now she is on a mission to help others live bolder and finally break fear off of their lives. Hit play to hear the practical things Nora did to start being more brave, how she started this incredible journey, and all the lessons she has picked up along the way. 

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did! During the recording, we decided we needed to write the words “10X Bolder” on our mirror as a reminder of this powerful conversation. If Nora’s story inspires you, let us know how you plan to take action! Reach out to us on Instagram. Links and more resources are below!

When you hit play, you’ll get the scoop on:

  • How you can start living boldly today
  • What it’s like when fear runs the show
  • The road trip that unlocked a dream
  • How every season has a lesson
  • How Stephen overcame the fear of looking stupid 
  • The importance of The growth mindset
  • How this mindset can unlock other’s boldness
  • Powerful questions to ask anyone you meet
  • When Chelsey decided to take a risk and travel
  • And Much More! 



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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 0:37 What if you were 10X bolder?
  • 1:24 Where Nora’s 10X bolder journey started  
  • 2:40 How many actions would you take if you weren’t afraid?
  • 4:44 Being intentional about breaking fear off your life
  • 6:42 What always held Nora back
  • 9:16 Embracing the fear and going for it
  • 10:46 Dealing with imposter syndrome 
  • 14:08 How Stephen broke the fear of looking dumb
  • 17:22 Nora’s epic road trip
  • 22:00 The power of genuine conversation
  • 25:45 What Nora is dreaming about today

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