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Valuable Lessons Learned As An Entrepreneur During The SHIFT From 1 to 2 Kiddos with Chelsey

Before you hit play! Grab your favorite cup of happiness and get ready to join us on our cozy coach.

We decided to switch things up on the podcast today and have an authentic conversation about what we have been learning in this beautiful season of life as a new family of 4.

Since having baby number 2, Chelsey often gets asked what has changed in her day to day life and what has the transition been like? We are going to tackle that question and unpack on the wisdom we have picked up along the way and the current battles we are facing head on. 

We thought it would be fun to treat this like an official interview so Stephen will be asking all the questions today! Of course we couldn’t keep a straight face through some of the interview so get ready for a few laughs along the way. Lol!

For all our hard-core business driven momma’s out there, don’t skip this episode! Even though this episode is more of a life update, we encourage you to still listen all the way to the end because you’ll see how your day to day life and well being is intrinsically linked with the success of your business.

You’ll also hear how we are protecting our boundaries in new ways, managing screen time and learning to rest, being a better team, the importance of scheduling  and more!

Thank you for allowing us to be vulnerable and share our journey with you. These are the types of episodes that we hope inspires you to keep going! (Even when you don’t have it all figured out yet.)

More of What’s Inside:

  • You are exactly where you are supposed to be 
  • Are you being the best you you can be?
  • Learning how to find your best “yes”
  • The importance of sticking to a routine 
  • How we are managing our screen time
  • The importance of letting your kids play barefoot 
  • How your health totally impacts your business 
  • Why we want to share the journey with you
  • And more!

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    Episode: minute by minute 

    • 1:21 The #1 question Chelsey gets asked 
    • 3:05 How Chelsey invested in herself 
    • 7:01 What our day-to-day looks like 
    • 10:00 How we are getting ready for 2023
    • 13:29 How Chelsey is learning to calm her mind
    • 17:40 How Chelsey has learned to love reading
    • 20:47 Why we love being outside 
    • 28:44 A healthy point of view about counseling 
    • 31:44 What Chelsey is dreaming about 


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