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Using Stress as Your Superpower with Certified Culinary Nutritionist & Brain Health Expert Trudy Stone

 Have you ever noticed the top entrepreneurs always seem to have it put together? Their mindsets are uncrackable, they seem calm, cool and never stressed, their goals always get met and somehow they have time to post on social media every day? It feels like surely they know something we don’t right?

We know that every entrepreneurial journey looks differently and there (unfortunately) are no silver bullets to success. However, if you were to interview the biggest names in entrepreneurship you may start to notice a pattern…nutrition, overall wellness and managing stress is key in their life and business. 

Today we welcome Certified Culinary Nutritionist and Brain Health Expert, Trudy Stone! Trudy is our go-to source in our Rainmaker Family and Team for all things health and stress management. Different from other wellness professionals who teach about how bad stress is for your health, Trudy is on a mission to teach anyone who is overwhelmed how to harness the power of stress to turn it into a superpower. 

In this episode, Trudy shares her 4 step R.I.S.E method to overcome stress, fatigue and burnout, so you can learn to work with stress rather than against it, the simple ingredients you should add to your family’s diet and why,  how diet and exercise can help move the needle and so much more!

Join us as we relate nutrition, entrepreneurship and stress, and how you can start to make easy and practical 


More of What We Talk About:

  • How Trudy’s venture into entrepreneurship began
  • First business venture with cupcakes
  • Learning new skills from short term hustles 
  • The trip to the bathroom that changed everything
  • Navigating the weight loss industry and nutrition
  • Why everyone should start  journaling
  • Biggest lies people tell themselves about health and wellness
  • The 4 steps in the R.I.S.E method and how to implement each one. 
  • The difference between reframing and positivity
  • How to catch, cancel, and release negative thoughts
  • How gut health relates to stress 
  • The importance of routines
  • Importance of prioritizing rest
  • Incorporating family and friends in the experience
  •  And more!



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Instagram: @trudyestone 


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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 What to expect today
  • 2:27 Welcome Trudy 
  • 4:10 Trudy’s favorite childhood snack
  • 5:33 Trudy’s journey to becoming an entrepreneur 
  • 13:44 What it’s like getting on a call 
  • 18:36 How to manage your stress
  • 20:52 What to do next time you are stressed
  • 25:50 Thoughts that aren’t your own
  • 30:40 The gold standard of dieting
  • 35:33 The role of vitamin B
  • 37:11 Supplements vs food
  • 42:18 The importance of a morning routine 
  • 47:02 How diet and exercise can help move the needle 

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