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Turning a Signature Dish Into A Six Figure Side Hustle with Meredith Viguers of Make Money Cooking

Welcome to The Rainmaker Family podcast with Stephen and Chelsey! Today, we have an incredible story to share with you. Meet Meredith Viguers, the founder of Make Money Cooking, who turned her financial struggles into a multiple seven-figure catering business.

Meredith knows the challenges of being a busy mom and managing a thriving business. In this episode, she generously shares practical meal prep tips that will save you time in the kitchen. Get ready to streamline your cooking process and create delicious meals for your family.

But it’s not just about cooking. Meredith dives deep into the mindset shifts she made along her entrepreneurial journey. Discover how to overcome self-doubt, embrace risk-taking, and develop a mindset of abundance and growth.

One of the ultimate goals of entrepreneurship is achieving time freedom. Meredith shares her personal journey of transitioning from working 80 hours a week to finding a better work-life balance. Learn how she optimized her business operations, delegated tasks, and created systems to reclaim precious time for herself and her family.

Get ready to unlock the secrets of turning your culinary passion into a profitable side hustle. Gain valuable knowledge, inspiration, and practical tips for your own entrepreneurial journey. Hit that play button and join us as we explore the incredible story of Meredith Viguers. Together, let’s create a life of abundance and fulfillment through the power of entrepreneurship.

Links for this episode:

  • Get access to Meredith’s Signature Dish Into Six Figure Side Hustle Challenge: Signature Dish To  Six Figures Side Hustle 

  • Find her on YouTube by searching “Make Money Cooking Meredith Viguers” (we’ll update this if we get a link once her videos are live)

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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 0:38 Introduction with guest, Meredith, who transformed her signature side dish into a successful catering business.
  • 3:06 Meredith shares her journey of starting the catering business while six months pregnant, inspired by her passion for cooking and helping others.
  • 11:16 Meredith’s catering company is now the largest in central Texas, with 120 employees and specialization in catering large events.
  • 13:19 Discussion on balancing family time with business responsibilities.
  • 18:08 Meredith struggled to delegate and missed important family moments initially but had a shift after ten years to protect family time.
  • 26:01 Attending a workshop helped Meredith change her thought processes and take responsibility for her situation.
  • 16:40 Meredith transformed a struggling 10-year-old company, making it more profitable with less of her time and involving the team.
  • 17:40 She reflects on the catalyst for change and the shift to a management role, stepping away from the kitchen.
  • 19:05 Meredith shares her vision as a CEO, aiming to help entrepreneurs break through their limitations and coaching others.
  • 20:20 The common limiting belief of timeframes and the importance of working in 90-day increments to achieve goals.
  • 22:50 Challenges specific to brick-and-mortar businesses, such as inventory, overhead, and staffing, are discussed.
  • 24:40 The passion-driven nature of starting a business and the need for guidance on financial ratios and realistic expectations.
  • 26:10 The realization that constant expansion isn’t always necessary and the importance of sitting in uncomfortable growth periods.
  • 28:00 Lessons learned from mistakes made along the way and the relevance of staffing and growth challenges.
  • 29:15 The value of Meredith’s coaching program in helping individuals turn their signature dishes into successful side hustles.
  • 31:00 Practical tips for moms in the kitchen, including sneaking vegetables into dishes and making the most of limited resources.
  • 33:00 Meredith’s passion for resourcefulness and the mindset of making a lot out of a little.
  • 35:00 The launch of her coaching program and the emphasis on starting small, gaining confidence, and building a successful business.
  • 37:25 Exciting news about Meredith’s YouTube channel, “Make Money Cooking,” offering food, business, and entrepreneurship content.

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