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Turning a Million Dollar Beach House Dream Into Reality w/ Madelyn Hansen

Do you have a big dream or goal for your life that others think is crazy? If so, this episode is for you! 

Welcome back to another episode of the Rainmaker Family Show! Today we want to introduce you to the incredible Madelyn Hansen. When Madelyn first came into our lives she had a big dream and the drive to make it happen. 

We got a front-row seat to see her not only hit that goal but thrive in the process. If you are listening to this show, you probably have some big goals and dreams of your own. In this conversation, we want to unpack how to be specific about your goals, how you can make them happen, and how to keep going until it all becomes a reality.

With only 2,000 in her pocket, Madelyn decided at a young age to move across the country and try to make it on her own. After working a 9-5 and becoming a music teacher, she was ready to take the lead into entrepreneurship after the tragic loss of her parents taught her that life was too short to be limited. 

Listen in to hear the powerful journey of how she used her ups and downs to her advantage and how her goal of having a beach house by her 40th birthday became a reality.  (Oh yeah, and she didn’t stop there, she got 4 of her dream properties!)

We all agree that life and success are never about the things we can buy or where our zip code is. Her hard work and determination not just directly led to better vacations, it has also created more time and memories for her family which is the most valuable thing any Mompreneur could work towards. 

PS: You’ll love how Madelyn used the Rainmaker method to sell tropical teamed products to keep her eye on the prize! To connect more with her biz or start your own scroll down to see the links!

More Of What We Talk About:

  • Goal setting and determination
  • How God wants us to prosper
  • Using adversity in your favor
  • Continuous goal setting
  • Enlisting your family in your vision
  • Hitting goals with moments to spare 
  • Creating legacy and honor your parents
  • Learning to work for yourself
  • Finding the passion for your products
  • Creating a life where your family thrives
  • And Much More! 


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 Episode: minute by minute 

  • 02:20 Get to know Madelyn
  • 02:33 When Madelyn took a leap of faith
  • 05:13 How Madelyn found her entrepreneurial spirit
  • 08:21 Putting your WHY in the center of your goals
  • 12:43 Blocking out the haters and going big
  • 14:31 Doing what it takes for your e-comm brand
  • 16:42 Goal setting after you hit your goals
  • 22:46 Your kids don’t want your money, they want your time.
  • 26:04 How Madelyn honored her parent’s legacy while building hers
  • 30:19 How to Madelyn and her brands


Want to join the conversation face to face? Check out the video podcast now on our YouTube Channel!  

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