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Tips for Making Money on Social Media

No matter where you are in your business journey, it’s always smart to take advantage of free advertising opportunities. It’s free to make an account on basically every social media platform, and frankly, you probably already have a social media profile on most of the popular platforms. So today, we’d like to teach you to optimize your presence and use the tools that you already have to make money on social media.

All Eyes On You

A lot of people don’t think about this, but you have people looking at you every day online. The Internet is a big place and people are clicking around on social media all the time. If your profiles are public, it’s likely that you’re getting traffic. You can capitalize on that free traffic and make more sales!

Dare To Share

Every business should have a social media strategy. People will follow you and your business’s journey, and even if they aren’t customers now, they can turn into customers further down the line. Be passionate about your business online and you’ll attract an audience. 

Optimize Your Social Media Profile

Lots of people use social media for personal reasons, but many people also use it for business. If you’re passionate about your business, you can optimize even a personal social media profile and gear it towards earning money. Let’s look at Facebook, the biggest social media platform, first.

Pro Designs for FREE

Before we get started teaching you how to optimize your social media profile, we need to talk about a free tool you can use to make your profile look polished: Canva is a design website that has lots of pre-made templates to make your social media profiles look awesome. Canva will make it easy for you to put a call to action right on your picture.

Top Down Optimization

Start with the top– the cover photo. This is the big photo that goes across the top of your facebook profile. Think of it as a billboard for yourself. If you run a business, start talking about it there! Include a call to action so that it gives people something to do when they click on your profile. 

Picture Perfect

Your profile photo is the next thing to optimize.Your profile photo can be a powerful business tool. People like to see something that has your face fairly large in the photo– and it makes it easier to see who you are when you’re commenting.

All About You

Your intro or bio section is also important to optimize, because this is the perfect place for links! If you have a business website or somewhere that people can connect with you, this is the place to put it. Right below that intro you can also add life events, like business launches, which are seen by more people than regular posts. You can also choose your nine featured photos and pin posts that talk about your business, which will let these posts be seen by more visitors.

Optimize Your Instagram

Instagram is a little different than Facebook. For Instagram, you want to focus on your name, your link in bio, your profile picture, and your description of who you are and what you do. 

Instagram users like to make human connections, so your profile picture should be a picture of you. You can use a business logo if you want, but people like it when they can actually see you and build a relationship with you. 

What’s In A Name?

Your Instagram name can actually work like a search term. Instagram isn’t a search engine, but if you put a search term in your name, you’re more likely to come up in search results when people look for your business. You can use the Instagram username – the thing that comes after @ – as your actual name.

Your Instagram bio is another place to optimize. You can put a link in your bio, but don’t complicate it. If you just need to talk to people to sell products with your business, you can simply direct people to DM you. 

Instagram Highlights

Your highlight reel is the first thing people see when they look at your Instagram profile, so make sure that this is regularly updated! It’s the perfect place to show off seasonal product lines. The Highlights section never goes away, so it’s also a great place to share testimonials and social proof of how awesome your business or product is. 

Be Social on Social Media!

Social media is just that– social. We have Rainmaker families who have joined us from all over the world, but also from right in our own backyard. If you’d like to join us and learn how to make passive income and grow your wealth, join the Rainmaker Challenge and be sure to follow us on social media! We’d love to have you join us and make it rain.

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