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Tiffani Higgins | Why Choose Career Over Family When You Can Have Both?

Hey guys! Stephen and Chelsey back with another episode of the Rainmaker Family podcast. It’s our passion to help families all over find financial freedom and create truly passive income so you can enjoy the precious moments with your family!

Today we are talking with Tiffani Higgins! Tiffani is a mom of 5 who worked as a CPA working around 30s hour a week, that is until tax season hit. During tax season she would be hitting 60+ hours a week! It was during this time that she realized that she no longer wanted to lose time with her family just to make ends meet. 

Today Tiffani is now able to be fully mom and still make money by bookkeeping! She shares how this changed the dynamics of her family and how she now uses her knowledge to empower other moms to do the same! She shares what mindset shifts needed to change, what embracing fear can look like, and how charging what your worth to level up can change the game. 

This is such an uplifting episode and we know that you will be encouraged. So if you’re a mama (or anyone!) that’s been beat down by things that don’t seem to work, get ready to be empowered to not lower your value based on one or two bad outcomes. Listen in as we learn how to value ourselves and use our skills efficiently with Tiffani Higgins. 

More Of What We Talk About:

  • Why we shouldn’t have to choose between having our cake and eating it too. 
  • Overcoming the fear of the unknown 
  • Importance of knowing your actual value 
  • How to value stack
  • The more efficient you become, to more value you bring to the table 
  • How to batch you time and work 
  • Why you should turn off your notifications
  • Avoiding the pull of social media 
  • Using your computer vs using your phone
  • Not falling into the can’ts
  • Looking for ways to leverage opportunities around you 
  • And Much More! 



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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 What to expect today
  • 1:37 Conversation starts
  • 2:34 How Tiffani started her entrepreneurial journey
  • 5:56 Mindsets every Momtrepreneur needs to overcome 
  • 13:10 How to give yourself a pay raise
  • 19:08 What can help you love your business more
  • 22:05 Balancing mom time and screen time
  • 23:37 Overcome self doubt for good
  • 28:31 What Chelsey admires about Tiffani 
  • 29:17 How to connect with Tiffani 

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