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This Year Flip the Root with This Simple 3 Word Strategy That Will Dramatically Shift Your Health, Wealth & Relationships!

Don’t judge the title..hear us out if you want to know how our #1 principle to transformation and acceleration.

Welcome to the Rainmaker Family podcast! In this episode, we’ll discuss a life-changing concept and way of thinking to revolutionize your year. Our goal is to spread a little hope for the year ahead and show you the power of words in shaping your life!

We’re introducing the idea of “Flipping the Root.” This principle, which we’ve learned from our mentors, has helped us stop being victims of circumstances and become creators of our own future. We’ll share personal stories of how we’ve applied this principle in our own lives and how it can help you too.

“Flipping the Root” is about understanding the laws that govern the unseen world, such as light and darkness. It requires rewiring your mind and overcoming negative thoughts and feelings like scarcity. You might think it sounds a little “woo-woo,” but trust us, we have seen this play out in our own lives. 

We’ll share our own experience of going through a tough time when our bank account was low and how we felt anxious and scared. But we realized that our thoughts were leading us in the wrong direction and that our actions didn’t align with what we believed.

We know this may sound bold, but we truly believe that everyone who applies this “Flipping the Root” principle will see a massive positive impact and change how your 2023 goes for the better.

This episode comes with some homework!

(LISTENERS ONLY KEEP READING!: This week’s episode comes with some homework. Hit play to hear more or keep reading if you’ve already listened!) 

  1. Write down “Flipping the Root” and put it on your phone’s home screen to remind you to live by this principle daily. Remember, self-awareness is key to identifying the root of negative thoughts and behaviors. Let’s flip the root together and create a bright future!

  1. Share this episode with a friend! We believe this conversation has a little something for everyone. (Whether you’re an entrepreneur or even care about Amazon FBA.) If this show resonates with you, share it with a friend! 

More of What’s Inside:

  • You have more power than you think! 
  • Choose gratitude and peace, even when circumstances are chaotic
  • The importance of investing in oneself and the value of self-awareness
  • The power of a good morning routine 
  • What most people are feeling about 2023…
  • How to overcome anything with the opposite spirit
  • The fast track to creating your best reality
  • How to respond when things don’t go acording to plan
  • Why our community did a generosity challenge in 2020
  • And more!

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    Episode: minute by minute 

    • 0:05 How are you feeling about this year?
    • 0:54 Let’s talk about “Flip the root!”
    • 2:16 How to start creating a new reality 
    • 4:15 A practical example of flipping the root 
    • 6:13 The opposite greater spirit 
    • 7:55 How Chelsey is choosing peace in new ways
    • 12:08 Teaching your kids how to become self-aware
    • 13:53 Our predictions for YOU in 2023
    • 15:38 Share this episode with a friend!


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