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This Can Crush You or Catapult You – Mellisa Busch Mejia

One of the greatest parts of the transition from spring into summer is seeing the blooms of the flowers, leaves sprouting from buds on the trees, the grass starting to turn green and evidence of life renewed again. 

But what about the seeds that had to be planted before all that beauty took place? The land that had to be tilled and the anxious waiting for that life to sprout into hope and begin. 

Today’s guest Melissa Bush Mejia shares just what it’s like to plant seeds of hope and watch them bloom into a business that allows her to stay with her seven children, and run a ministry living in Honduras. 

Melissa shares her passion for empowering women and moms  in entrepreneurship, the power of using what you have to multiply and bless others, as well as how she came through devastating loss with supernatural hope. 

See how to overcome walls, and learn how to use the things that try to set you back, and instead use them as a springboard to propel you even further than you dreamed. 

Get ready to be encouraged, be empowered, and learn how to plant your own seeds and watch as they grow into a business that allows you to keep the precious time with your family. 

More of What We Talk About:

  • Being born with entrepreneurial spirit
  • Can people become entrepreneurs or are they naturally born into it?
  • Finding women in the “men’s” entrepreneur world
  • Starting a business that would be easy to outsource 
  • Breaking the idea that business and ministry can’t mix
  • The power of multiplying 
  • Breaking off old mindsets for new times
  • Owning your “Beast Mode”
  • Persevering through absolute darkness and loss
  • Remembering who you are and what traits you have, when plans fall apart
  • The power of restoration and smiling  
  • What to do when you’re being attack with “facts”
  • Choosing to be crushed or catapulted  
  • Allowing yourself to feel joy
  • Creating a brand that allows financial security from home
  • Using outsourcing to benefit the global community
  • Practical tips for mamas to goal set and start their own business 
  • And more!

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    Connecting with Melissa 


    Episode Minute By Minute:

    • 0:02 What to expect today 
    • 1:41 Conversation starts
    • 2:11 Melissa’s childhood 
    • 5:00 Are people born or made an entrepreneur?
    • 8:03 Melissa’s college years
    • 16:47 Sowing and reaping 
    • 18:44 How to step out in boldness
    • 23:55 Preserving through the darkness 
    • 32:54 What lens are you looking through?
    • 38:37 The power behind Melissa’s brand name 
    • 41:08 Melissa’s big dreams for 2021
    • 44:43 Action steps you can take now
    • 47:44 What’s in your hand?
    • 50:12 How to connect more with Melissa

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