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The Power of Gratitude in Entrepreneurship

When you’re a business owner, you often find yourself crunched for time. There aren’t enough minutes in the day to do everything, but that doesn’t mean that you can ignore the positive things in your life. You have the chance to run your own business and lead a group of like-minded people. You have the ability to be an influential force in people’s lives.

That’s why we sat down with Kevin Clayson and talked about gratitude and the practice of gratitude.

Why Practice Gratitude?

In business, you’ll face many challenges. People will doubt you, and you may even face financial hardships. However, every negative experience is a learning opportunity. With every obstacle you encounter, you have the chance to become a better person and a better business leader.

In his chat with us, Kevin said that his ability to express gratitude has been a primary force in his success. That positive emotion can outweigh the negative, and that drive kept him going through every difficulty he encountered.

Changing Your Perspective

Kevin’s biggest gripe is that too many people think of gratitude as a passive action. However, the practice of gratitude is an ongoing process. It’s not a single act. It’s a mental reset.

You don’t just express gratitude. You embrace it. You reset your mind to see everything as an opportunity.

Kevin compares this to wearing glasses. While you’ll be able to understand what is happening around you without glasses, putting them on will help clarify things. Likewise, when you’re in a grateful mindset, you see the world more clearly. You understand that obstacles are just chances to be a better person, and that drives you to strive to be better.

Live in the Now

One of Kevin’s biggest tips is to get rid of the glass half whatever thinking. The glass is enough. The fact that something is in the glass should be enough for you.

Kavin says that seeing the world as being empty or full is how people start to be whiners. When they think of the world as being empty, they want what they can’t have. Conversely, those with the glass half full tend to be complacent. Instead, you should consider the glass to be something that you can use. It’s a tool to improve yourself, and those improvements will impact the people around you.

In fact, Kevin’s entire family has adopted his mindset. Complaining isn’t a problem in his house, because everyone understands that the present is the most important. Rather than lamenting what they don’t have, Kevin’s family enjoys what they do. Yet, at the same time, they don’t settle for what is theirs. They’re constantly improving.

Kevin also says that faking a smile can be healing. Even when the world seems to be ending around you, a smile goes a long way. It can trick your mind into thinking of positive things, and that fake smile can quickly become a real one.

Make It Part of Your Family Culture

Finally, Kevin says that gratitude and having a grateful mindset should be part of your family culture. You shouldn’t practice this mental shift on your own. You need people to support you, and those people should think like you.

Before you start your journey, recruit your family! Make sure everyone is ready to follow you on your path to a better and more successful life. Kevin has a book, and he’s offered it to all of the Rainmakers out there. With this guide, anyone can open their mind to a more positive world.

Think of it this way: The opposite of gratitude is often complaining. However, we need to disconnect these switches. Instead, we need to think of gratitude as a constant loop. There is no opposite to gratitude because we should always be grateful for something. We should express gratitude at all times.

Outwardly, this will improve your family dynamic. Everyone will begin to understand the value of life and enjoy what they have. It may even make a huge impact on your day-to-day family time! Together, everyone can share what they’re grateful for every day.

Grow With Us

Regardless of how you plan on expressing gratitude, you have plenty of time to learn! If you’re a business owner or dream of being one, then now is the time to invest in our course. The Rainmaker Family Challenge is a seven-day boot camp, and it gives you everything you need to become an entrepreneur.

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