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The moment I held my first daughter…everything changed | Embarking On The Spiritual Journey of Entrepreneurship w/ Dani Kenney

Hey guys! Stephen and Chelsey back with another episode of the Rainmaker Family podcast. 

It’s said that some are born entrepreneurs, and some are made entrepreneurs through necessity.  For our guest today, her story falls into neither category. Her entrepreneurial journey started along with another adventure…the moment she became a mother. 

Today’s guest, Dani Kenney! Dani is a Momtrepreneur who has a passion for heart centered, female entrepreneurs and helping them master their energy and mindsets, and empowers them in their journey so that they can make more money, have a bigger impact and create a life they are obsessed with.

Dani shares with us her own journey, as well as the power of mindset in your personal and professional life, how to most effectively use and master your energy, what she shares with her clients, the most common walls she sees in women and moms, how to create realistic goals, as well as so much more! 

This is an episode you will be coming back to for seconds and thirds, and then again to see how much you’ve grown. We cannot wait for you to hear Dani’s message, wisdom, and activate a new mindset so you can make it rain!

PS: This episode is perfect for anyone who is setting their goals for the new year. If you know a Momtrepreneur who wants to master their energy in 2022 we invite you to share this episode with them and listen together! #AccountabilityBuddies 


More Of What We Talk About:

  • Dani’s journey into entrepreneurship
  • The crazy ones 
  •  The spiritual journey in entrepreneurship
  • The most common wall that comes up in women and moms 
  • Lessons to teach our daughters and young women 
  • Why you should involve your kids in business
  • A new take on goal setting 
  • Target vs stretch goals 
  • Giving yourself permission to dream big 
  • Using past milestones to make target goals 
  • The importance of progress 
  • And Much More! 






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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 0:02 What to expect today
  • 1:14 Conversations starts
  • 2:07 Dani’s journey here
  • 7:40 A look into Dani’s mindset method
  • 11:44 The most common limited beliefs
  • 17:34 How Dani raises empowered kids
  • 22:14 Goal setting tips for 2022
  • 34:16 Are you setting the bar low?
  • 37:33 Dani’s favorite moment of breakthrough
  • 42:42 How to connect with Dani

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