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The Keys To Raising Entrepreneurial Children Who Change The World – Jasmyn Yu

Remember when you were a kid and everything was an adventure?

Your imagination could take a dark closet and turn it into a mysterious cave, with hidden treasure waiting to be found. When you played a game with your friends and they suddenly decided to have superpowers, you changed the game alongside them and made it fit into the story. You could even take the craziest bunch of swirly, scribbled colors and see a beautiful, elaborate piece of art. 

There was freedom, imagination, and excitement for what comes next. 

What if we not only put that same childlike excitement and wonder into our business, but also our actual children? 

Today we have Jasmyn Yu with us sharing how she involves her children in her business and cultivates entrepreneurship in her daughters. 

Jasmyn takes us through her experiences growing up in an “all hands on deck” family business, and how she now uses the lessons she’s learned, as well as new things she’s trying out with her kids. 

Jasmyn also shares the importance of sharing your journey with your kids and involving them in ideas, questions, and brainstorming for your business, so they too become flexible thinkers and use their natural creativity to think outside the box and build entrepreneurial skills. 

So grab the kids, have them listen with you. Get ready to learn and grow together as we see how to raise up a generation of world changers and barrier breakers, through entrepreneurial thinking. 

More of What We Talk About:

  • How to bring entrepreneurship out in your children
  • HowJasmyn’s childhood shaped her outlook
  • How Jasmine used a traumatic experience to learn and practice things together with her children
  • Including your children as part of your business
  • Jasmine’s daughter’s email to Stephen  
  • How our children mirror us and our own habits
  • Taking a leap of faith in the middle of the housing market crash 
  • Choosing time with family over 9-5 grind 
  • The mindset of “what if this goes right?” 
  • The need to be going, moving, and doing
  • How Santa helps set goals
  • Leaving an imprint on your children for when they make their own decisions 
  • Focusing on small steps 
  • Choosing between fear and excitement 
  • The power of speaking affirmations with your children  
  • Nurturing your child through disappointment 
  • How entrepreneurship will change the world
  • And more!


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    Episode Minute By Minute:

    • 0:02 What to expect today!
    • 1:00  Get to know 
    • 2:26 Jasmyn’s journey into entrepreneurship 
    • 9:35 How Jasmyn gets her kids involved in their family business 
    • 13:24 The key to being a good parent
    • 15:55 When Jasmyn started in real estate
    • 18:80 Take the leap of faith
    • 20:02 How Jasmyn responded to bullying 
    • 22:21 Cheering for your kids breakthrough 
    • 25:21 Jasmyn’s advice for new entrepreneurs 
    • 27:30 How Jasmyn uses positive affirmations in her family
    • 34:16 Entrepreneurs are the world changers


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