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The Birth Story of Oliver Wave

Disclaimer From Chelsey:

In sharing stories like this, it can be easy to compare one’s experience to your own. I found during pregnancy, I constantly was tempted to fall into the comparison trap.

Is it okay if we NOT do that today? Is it okay if we all just leave comparison at the door before listening to this show? 

My heart is that in sharing this story, I can be an encouragement to all moms and future moms alike. There are a lot of traumatic and horror stories out there..and spoiler alert: this is not one of them. If that sounds good, hit play now!

I find it an honor anytime I can share my journey and help future moms know that birth is not scary. With that said, nothing in this episode is medical advice. How you respond in your heart and actions to this episode is on you. Stephen and I do things differently than the norm. (But isn’t that why you like us? LOL!) We also want to be as open and honest with you as we possibly can. So, thanks in advance for letting us be vulnerable with you! 

Okay, back to the show notes!

Welcome back to another episode of the Rainmaker Family Show! Today, Stephen and I share the before, during, and after events of sweet baby Ollie’s birth. On March 6th, 2022, we started a new chapter in our lives as a family of four. After years of investing our time and money in  pregnancy/birth knowledge, I had clear goals and a vision of what I wanted out of this birth for myself and for Oliver. That’s why the events leading up to the birth felt so out of control. From Stephen being all the way in Mexico to a high-blood pressure/preeclampsia scare. There were a lot of opportunities for us to give in to fear and uncertainty. 

Hear how we pushed past the negative voices and medical scare tactics, how we used research skills to find the right answers and peace, why Stephen was yelling and cutting lines at the San Francisco Airport, how God undeniably proved his faithfulness, and so much more.

This is definitely a podcast family-style show, so if you’re new here, please feel free to dive into some of our previous episodes if you’re looking for passive income and money-making opportunities! But hey…If you want to stick around, this “we first met story” will be funny one day, right? 

PS: To see more pictures of Ollie, behind-the-scenes content of the Rainmaker Family, and tips every Mompreneur needs to know, head to Instagram to connect! Links below to find our official account. 

More Of What We Talk About:

  • How Stephen overcame his introverted side
  • How Chelsey prepared for baby #2
  • Why you should invest in your birthing knowledge
  • Taking back control of your medical care
  • A traumatic event in Stephen’s Childhood
  • When Kaizen became a big brother
  • Teasers of future episodes we have for you!
  • Chelsey’s favorite resources on this topic
  • Listening to your body and obeying
  • And Much More! 



Kaizen’s Birth Story

Evidence-Based Birth

Ina Mays Guide To Childbirth

Pain-Free Childbirth (amazing course!)

Karen’s IG (lots of free resources if a course isn’t your thing)

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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 0:02 The back story behind our birth experience
  • 4:00 We have so much to catch up on! 
  • 4:54 Let’s start this story in Mexico
  • 6:00 The moment that challenges Stephen’s introverted side
  • 11:50 Birth is a physiological experience 
  • 16:53 The call that made Chelsey start preparing for birth
  • 18:33 Trusting your body and yourself (even over professionals)
  • 21:45 Making decisions in power and not fear
  • 24:09 How Chelsey faced her fears in the unknown
  • 31:58 Why we believe in the power of names
  • 41:59 Sometimes, you have to take a step before confirmation
  • 44:02 When Stephen and Chelsey checked into the hospital  
  • 54:40 Optimal birthing positions and doing what’s best for you 
  • 1:09:00 Our biggest takeaways from the experience
  • 1:14:00 How to learn more about Chelsey’s birthing mindset

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