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The #1 Key To Acceleration In 2023 – Pep Talk with Chelsey!

One shot of positivity is coming your way! This week we are switching it up on The Rainmaker Family Show. Instead of passive income tips and tricks, this episode will be what we are calling a “Chelsey Pep Talk!” 

Hey, Momma! It’s Chelsey, and today it’s just you and me. If you’re watching the Video Podcast, you already know it will be a raw and authentic episode. I’m here recording in my PJs, pumping for Ollie with a big messy bun on my head. 

Today’s topic has been on my heart for a few weeks, and I knew that now was the time to share it. As the new year is underway, I wanted to share my thoughts on 2023 and the importance of rest and reflection. First things first, I want to say how excited I am for 2023. 

If you’re reading, listening, or watching this episode, Stephen and I KNOW that this is your breakthrough year. We feel in our hearts that this year is when everything starts to change in the best way for our Rainmaker Family community! 

However, for all of us to step into the fullness of what the year has to offer, we first need to acknowledge that rest and reflection are crucial. If you had asked me my thoughts on rest at the beginning of 2022, my answer would have been different to how I would answer today. 

Last year I was pregnant and faced setbacks, which forced me to rest even when I didn’t want to. I took the season as a blessing and I emphasized the importance of self-care. I learned that resting is actually the quickest way to see your goals manifest. 

Hit play to hear my journey of learning how to rest, how you can start prioritizing rest even with a busy family and schedule, how to get clarity and vision for 2023 and beyond, plus so much more! 

If you need a little extra encouragement today, I wanted to leave you with this post I recently made on Instagram. It reads: 

“At the end of year I love giving myself space to step back.

Look how much growth the year has brought me. 

Focus on the good.

2022 our Moto was double the impact with half the hustle.

Being pregnant with Ollie boy, having him early and then at 3 weeks old a traumatic hospital stay really forced me to rest.

I didn’t show up on social media much.

I only did the most essesential tasks that produced the biggest ROI.

I did a lot of uncomfortable resting even when I didn’t want to.

So, 2023…I’m excited for what’s to come.


That clarity wouldn’t have come unless I forced myself to rest.

Rest is a weapon.

Rest is the key.

Sometimes the biggest strategy moving you towards growth is to rest.

This is your reminder to ease into 2023 if that’s what YOU need.

In 2022, I didn’t want to rest. But I chose to even when it was uncomfortable and because I leaned in, I was able to grow and find clarity.

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    Episode: minute by minute 

    • 0:58 Why this year is a year of breakthrough 
    • 2:21 The #1 question you should ask yourself
    • 4:08 When things started to shift for Chelsey 
    • 6:14 Practical examples of choosing rest 
    • 9:23 Why rest is the key to clarity and vision
    • 11:29 Chelsey’s prep talk recap!


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