How To Take Time Off as a Mom & Business Owner

It’s hard enough being a mom. You’ve got all of that mom guilt to deal with, and you never have a real day off! If you’re a small business owner on top of that, then you’re doubling or even tripling your stress. Forcing yourself to work constantly without a break is absolutely terrible for you, and you need to take time off. It’s important for your mental health, and it will refresh you physically.

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Procrastination Styles Explained

People procrastinate. That’s a fact of life! At some point, everyone will engage in some form of procrastination. Whether you simply don’t want to do a task or are avoiding it, the bottom line is that you aren’t working, and that’s a huge problem for any aspiring small business owner.

That’s why we sat down with Courtney Wolf to talk about how to overcome procrastination. She’s studied how everyone struggles with procrastination, and she’s found that there are four types of procrastination. Each procrastination style is different, and knowing which one you fall into is a huge step toward improving your ability to work under pressure.

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5 Outsourcing & Time Management Tips For Starting a Business

When you work from home, time management skills are extremely important. This is doubly true when you’re just starting a small business and want to manage your time so that you aren’t consumed by work. Time management is such an important aspect of business to our Rainmaker families– after all, we got into this so that we could build wealth while spending time with our families!

But when you’re starting a small business, it can be hard to know what it means to spend your time most effectively. 

Here are some of our best time management tips to help you develop good time management skills that will let you maximize your family time while still developing and growing your business.

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