Procrastination Styles Explained

People procrastinate. That’s a fact of life! At some point, everyone will engage in some form of procrastination. Whether you simply don’t want to do a task or are avoiding it, the bottom line is that you aren’t working, and that’s a huge problem for any aspiring small business owner.

That’s why we sat down with Courtney Wolf to talk about how to overcome procrastination. She’s studied how everyone struggles with procrastination, and she’s found that there are four types of procrastination. Each procrastination style is different, and knowing which one you fall into is a huge step toward improving your ability to work under pressure.

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How To Overcome Your Past and Begin Thriving as an Entrepreneur

Child looking at The Rainmaker Family printed sheet

When you look back on your past, how do you feel? Do you worry that people will judge you for things done long ago? Are you worried about how to overcome your past mistakes, or how to overcome the fear of failure and rejection? 

Thinking about overcoming your past can feel isolating, but the truth is that you are not alone. Everyone has done things that they regret, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing things like starting a business and taking control of your life. 

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How to Overcome Struggles & Allow Yourself to Shine as an Entrepreneur

On our journey to generational wealth, we’ll often face obstacles. These moments of hardship are what define our lives and shape who we are as a person. To be the best entrepreneur, you need to rise to the challenge and conquer your fears.

With the help of Sebastian and Jesse Mencia, we’re going to teach you how to beat your beasts and rise above the struggle.

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How To Overcome Stress and Burnout as a Business Owner

Chelsey Diaz Sitting on White Couch Working on Laptop Computer

Everyone goes through stress at some point in their life, but there are ways to reframe that and use it as a superpower to get you through challenges. Stress can be a major factor in your entrepreneurial journey, but whether it’s a negative factor that drags your business down or a more positive factor that propels you to succeed is in part controlled by the way you interact with your stress. 

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Conquering Challenges with Style

No matter what you’re doing, there will eventually be a time when you find that you hit a wall. You’ll encounter an obstacle that you can’t seem to overcome, and this often prevents you from growing your business or, in some instances, improving as a person! These are the times when you really need to take a step back and rethink your mindset.

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