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Buying the SNOO for baby Kaizen was one of the best baby investments to date!

Today let’s see if it could be the best investments for your family too.

Since sharing photos of Kaizen online in his SNOO, we’re asked frequently about how we like the SNOO and if it was worth the higher price tag.

So far it has been worth every penny and so much more…and it actually doesn’t cost as much as you’d think! Stick around until the end and I’ll explain what I mean.


My husband Stephen was actually the one who suggested we go for it and purchase the SNOO. The bassinet claims to help your baby sleep better. For us, it was worth the risk! Buying back and hour or two of extra sleep seemed like a no brainer! The bassinet has a built in sound machine and rocking mechanism that responds to your baby and woos them to sleep by creating a similar environment to the womb. This ensures your baby will stay asleep longer. This sounded like a win win situation for us. PLUS, there is a 30 day money back guarantee in case your baby isn’t a fan.


Kaizen is now 4 months old and has been sleeping through the night since a month and a half. The bassinet has helped train him to put himself to sleep and stay asleep longer. If he stirs in the middle of the night, the SNOO will respond and turn up the sound machine and motion and helps him put himself back to sleep too. If you’re familiar with Taking Cara Babies “sitback” method, the SNOO does the first two steps for you. That course was a great resource for us in seeing fast improvements with Kai’s sleep and the SNOO just made our lives easier in the sleep training process.

If you are concerned your baby might get used to the rocking motion to fall asleep, don’t worry because they thought of this too. There is a “ween mode” option to ensure your baby won’t have to use this bassinet to fall asleep forever.

I also loved that he was swaddled in the bassinet and the swaddle is strapped down which was a sleep safe option.


Over the years we’ve developed a mentality of “buy once, cry once”. This quote we’ve heard said many times in many ways but the theory is if you buy quality it can “sting” in the moment but it’ll last and be worth it in the long run. When you buy cheap products, you may have to buy multiple over the years, or it may not be as reliable.

If you’re thinking the SNOO is expensive… you’re right. But what if we could share a little trick to get yours for next to nothing?


Okay, let’s be real, we don’t have any codes you can use to get a discount on a SNOO. But what we do have is a discount code for your mindset when it comes to splurging on something nice. Stephen wrote about this for Honeybook awhile back but I thought it’d be good to share here as well.

We follow this 5-step process to help with our buying decisions. At the end of this day this is how we afford to buy nice things (and you can, too!)

A. See nice thing and check price.
B. Check used price it sells for (make sure it holds some value over time).
C. Think about how long you’d use said thing until you sell, upgrade, or retire it.
D. Take retail price (A) and subtract used price (B).
E. Ask yourself, would I rent this item for that amount of time (C) for this price point (D)?

If your answer is yes, buy it!

So let’s take the SNOO for example of how you can apply this process to get it at a fraction of the price.

The SNOO retails for $1295. Most people see that price and immediately say, we CAN’T afford that. But let’s run the numbers and see what is the true cost of owning a SNOO.


A: $1295 retail
B: $800 used sale price in 1-2 years
C: 1 Year Usage (6mo/baby for 2 kiddos)
D: $495 max out of pocket difference
E: Would we pay $495 over 1-2 years for the potential opportunity to sleep more every night? Yes. Still pricy, but yes.

Now what if instead of buying a SNOO at full retail you found a gently used one for sale online? Hint: that’s what we did!

We found one used SNOO for $800 on Facebook marketplace. So our numbers look more like this:

A: $800 purchase price
B: $600 used sale price in 1-2 years – I bet we can get 700-800 though because SNOOs seem to hold value over time pretty well.
C: 1 Year Usage (6mo/baby for 2 kiddos)
D: $200 max out of pocket difference
E: Would we pay $200 for the potential opportunity to sleep more every night? 1000% YES.

Almost any quality bassinet you buy is going to be $200+, so if you’re going to spend the money, why not leverage your money over time and splurge for a SNOO knowing you’ll make part of your investment back at a later date.

Now I know the increased sleep or how well the baby likes the fancy contraption is not guaranteed, but we decided to take our chances at that price. If you buy new, there’s a 30 day money back trial period. If you buy used, you should be able to resell at around the same price if you get in a couple months and aren’t satisfied with the results.


I could write endless examples about how we’ve applied this mindset shift this over the years. We’ve used it to invest in new business ventures, houses, and other seemingly “scary” investments at first glance.

Just know one thing: we started very small and worked this abundant thinking muscle over time.

A lot of people’s first thoughts when it comes to investing in nice things (or investing in anything really) is “I can’t…” OR “I don’t have… (time, finances, ability, skills).” If that’s you, we totally get that, we’ve been there right with you!

But if you can shift from poverty thinking to abundant thinking it changes everything. Start with the small stuff, and you’ll see the power of this one small mindset shift. Just even noticing the words you use can have a lot of power. Poverty mindset is anything that leads with “lack”.

Do you catch yourself saying phrases that start with…

“I can’t…”
”I don’t have…”

That is a lack focused mindset. The fact is, you probably COULD and probably COULD HAVE if you focused on abundance instead.

Is there a way to shift to “how can I?” or “I have…”

At the end of the day this isn’t just about buying nice “stuff”. This mindset shift will serve you in life for years to come.

Learning to be resourceful and multiply what you DO have instead of focusing on what you’re lacking is something that has changed the way we do life and run our business.


If you’re on the fence about the SNOO, I say go for it!

You can always rent one to try it out or buy and get your money back within the 30 day trial period if you needed to.

Or, buy used and resell when you’re ready to make your money back since they hold their value so well.

We have loved this purchase and can’t say enough good things about how the SNOO has helped us with Kai’s sleep.

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