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Simple Strategy to Make Passive Income Online

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There’s a modern misconception among many aspiring entrepreneurs that you have to be creative to make it. If you don’t have art skills, tech skills, social media savvy, or creativity, you’re often made to feel that you’re not going to make it.

We want to change that!

Today, the Rainmaker family is talking about an amazing way to earn money online. This passive income strategy is available to anyone with a computer and is a perfect way to make money online. With a little help from Kamdon Callaway, we’ll be discussing Kindle Direct Publishing.

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Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Introduced by Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing allows for users to create, edit, and publish their own audio-, e-, and traditionally printed books for anyone. Through the service, users upload the relevant files, do a bit of work, and allow Amazon to do the rest. There’s no testy publishing company to work with, no middleman eating your profits and only a small fee per purchase from Amazon.

When using KDP, you keep the rights to your book. Upon publishing, you immediately enter the worldwide Kindle marketplace, where millions of users can easily access and view your book. As such, your income can begin rolling in the moment you’re ready. As such, it’s a great way to generate passive income.

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“I Don’t Have an Idea”

At this point, some readers are likely thinking, “I don’t have an idea! I’m not an author, creator or an artist! How do I use this?” And here’s the wonderful thing about KDP: you can publish anything. Callaway started with a how-to-draw book. You can publish fully utilitarian items, such as journal pages, accounting charts, and bullet journals.

When you use KDP, the possibilities to earn passive income are endless!

What else can you make and sell with KDP as a side hustle? Well, some ideas include:

  • Reward books for children
  • Coloring books
  • Poetry
  • Traditional writing
  • Memoirs
  • Graph paper
  • Activity sheets
  • Daily journals
  • Itineraries

Everyone is Creative

One of the biggest hurdles that modern entrepreneurs face is the idea that they’re “not creative enough”. This is a toxic notion and it’s preventing countless people from starting what might be the biggest change in their life. You don’t have to be an artist or a designer to make your own business. You don’t need to create a super high yielding product or service. All you have to do is see a problem and solve it.

Even if there are already books available for what you want to do, you can do them better. Consider, for example, a daily planner. What sort of spots do you wish your planner had for you to write in? What sort of design changes would you make? Take these ideas into consideration and draw up an idea. It doesn’t have to be the prettiest, it just has to be workable.

You’ve just created your first product. Now, all you need to do is refine the idea. You don’t need to learn a new skill, either. Once you have an idea, you can use a variety of websites to outsource the work you’d need to create your book. While a variety of sites such as this exist, the most popular is Fiverr.

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Crowdsource Results

Using Fiverr, you can get in touch with a whole array of people. From designers and artists to writers, the site (and those like it) offers unprecedented access to willing creatives who can help you achieve your vision. Let’s go back to the planner example. You can upload the job of designing a more refined version of each page to Fiverr and send your chosen artist your sketch.

It will likely involve some back and forth, but you should eventually come away with an amazing result that can be quickly and easily duplicated. Upload this as a book to KDP, put in all the information, and start raking in sales!

Learn and Grow

At the end of the day, your success will depend on your drive, your skills, and your ability to market yourself. While you may receive a small amount of money from simply uploading the book, you’ll need to promote it to really rake in the cash. To make your part time gig something more than a short term source of passive income, you’ll need expert advice. We can help you with that!

If you’re ready to step into the world of passive income, join us through the Rainmaker Family Challenge. We can teach you the skills you need to improve your personal finances, make money, and find a source of passive income. Even if you don’t have any passive income ideas beyond affiliate links and whatnot, we can help you expand your horizons. Sign up today, and be sure to do so quickly! Spots are limited!

Woman learning how to start an Amazon business with the Rainmaker Challenge

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