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Science Backed 7-Figure Transformation Hacks – Master Your Thinking So You Can Master Your Business with Dr. Shannon Irvine

Hello, Rainmakers! In today’s episode we’re delving into a game-changing concept that could alter your life as an entrepreneur. Dr. Shannon Irvine, a renowned neuropsychologist, walks us through a whole new perspective on how our minds work and how we can use this knowledge to surge forward and achieve your goals. 

Ever noticed how certain phrases repeatedly creep into our daily conversations, like “This is so hard” or “I’m overwhelmed”? Well, turns out, these aren’t just casual phrases, but reflections of our internal mindset. It’s fascinating stuff, and the revelation blew us away! It’s not just about altering what we say, but about understanding these patterns to consciously direct our future outcomes.

Here’s where things really get interesting. Dr. Irvine presented a concept she calls “neuro-achievement,” a method to train our brains to automate success. It’s a bold new approach that flips the script on our usual instincts. Instead of avoiding challenges, it encourages us to embrace resistance and tension as indicators of progress. We’re breaking barriers, challenging norms, and moving forward.

This conversation was quite the journey, giving us fresh insights about our subconscious minds, the impact of language, and the less discussed elements of success. It offered a refreshing perspective on entrepreneurship, and left us with lots to ponder and integrate into our own ventures.

So, Rainmakers, get ready to explore new territories in self-improvement and business growth. Dr. Irvine has given us a blueprint to retrain our subconscious minds for success. Let’s turn challenges into stepping stones and continue to grow together, one day at a time. We’re on this journey together, folks. Hit play and let’s continue making it rain with the power of neuro-achievement!

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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 0:00 Introduction to today’s show and Dr. Shannon Irvine
  • 1:32 Language patterns and subconscious patterns
  • 6:11 Words of advice for those feeling discouraged
  • 12:18 Near achievement and why it’s important for entrepreneurs 
  • 16:30 The magic number 67
  • 23:34 Are mental reps and physical reps the same?
  • 31:07 Fear served a great purpose at one time
  • 35:27 How to connect with Dr. Shannon

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