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Rainmakers Maui Meet-Up

There is something so sweet about meeting our Rainmakers from all across the country and world. After the global pandemic in 2020, we had been craving in-person connection more than ever, so we were overjoyed when we recently had the chance to experience the power of this community.  The Rainmaker Family meetupFor the 4th of July, we spent time in Maui with our family on vacation. It was heavenly and exactly what we needed. We rested, ate so many delicious acai and poke bowls, watched sunsets on the beach and swam in the ocean to our heart’s content. While were were in the area, we knew it would be the perfect opportunity to meet some of the local Rainmakers. The rainmaker family working from the road

We want our Rainmaker community to feel like family, so we arranged for a local meetup at a coffee shop. We want strangers who have never met offline feel like they are truly connected to other Rainmakers from around the world. At the core, Rainmakers have the heart to see their family experience financial freedom; but beyond that, we are a like-minded group of people. That fact shines through in amazing ways every time we get to meet a Rainmaker in-person.

Below are some photos from the beginning of our recent family vacation  along with fun photos of the Maui Rainmaker meet-up.

If you want to hear more about our Hawaii trip, why rest is so vital, the importance of outsourcing when on vacation, and what it’s like to work from the road, head over to our recent podcast on The Rainmaker Family Show! 

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