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Rainmaker Washington Meetup

Before we had even fully come down from the high of getting to spend time with our Rainmaker family in Hawaii this summer, we were blessed with the opportunity to travel to Washington to meet more of you! The cool weather and fresh air was such a bonus as well since we’ve had hot, smoky air at home in Northern California lately. Kaizen is becoming quite the traveler for someone who isn’t even two years old yet! He loved playing with all of the other young “Raindrops” as we lovingly sometimes call them. 

It’s always incredibly special to meet online friends face to face and make new memories together. Everyone always says Stephen is taller in person than they expect since he’s usually sitting in our videos, and it makes us laugh! We wondered if most of the conversations would center around products, marketing and other parts of the Rainmaker process itself, but we were so thrilled that we got to know these friends so much better on a personal level and do life together through the weekend. 

Our two main events were a beautiful picnic and bundling up for a ferry boat cruise. There were nearly 50 of us taking over! We thoroughly enjoyed the views, conversations and all of the laughs. 


Stephen and I want to give a special thanks to Randen and Tirzah for organizing such a fun weekend for all of us who were lucky enough to be a part of this meet up. Where will the next one take us?!

With love, 


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