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Protecting “Small” While Playing Big with FATCO Founder Cassy Burnvoth

Hey there Rainmakers!

Here on The Rainmaker Family Show, we love introducing our listeners to some of the best female entrepreneurs out there. And today’s episode is no exception! We’re excited to welcome Cassy, the CEO and founder of FatCo, a line of grass-fed beef tallow-based skincare products.

After baby Ollie got cradle cap, Chelsey tried Cassy’s beef-tallow baby lotion and became a fast believer in her products! Cassy is a true inspiration, not just for her passion for clean skincare but also for her entrepreneurial spirit.

She started FatCo with a mission to provide people with high-quality, natural and less toxic skincare products, and she has never looked back. Her line of products has grown in popularity and she has even been featured in big box stores like Target.

In this episode, Cassy shares her journey of starting FatCo and how her confidence in her products grew as she saw the positive impact they had on people’s lives. She is passionate about using natural ingredients in skincare and believes that our skin deserves the best care possible. Cassy also shares with us the lessons she learned after getting her products in big box stores, including the importance of staying true to her values and not compromising on quality.

We love Cassy’s mission and the way she approaches skincare, and we know you will too. So, grab a cup of coffee and join us as we learn about FatCo and how it can change the way you think about skincare. We’re sure you’ll come away from this episode with a newfound appreciation for clean and natural products and the impact they can have on our skin and our overall health.

More of What’s Inside:

  • Why non-toxic products for our skin matters
  • How FatCo was born out of a personal need 
  • Breaking into a saturated market 
  • FatCo’s goal and mission
  • Nothing is wasted in business 
  • How to grow confidence in your products 
  • The importance of passion in success 
  • Not all influencers are the same
  • The Stick deodorant Chelsey loves
  • Using wisdom with scaling 
  • And more!

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    Episode: minute by minute 

    • 0:02 What’s inside today’s show
    • 0:22 How Cassy grew in confidence her products
    • 3:46 A look into Cassy’s entrepreneurial journey started 
    • 9:41 When Cassy knew she her brand could be something big
    • 12:00 How Cassy got her products into Target 
    • 16:51 Why Cassy is so passionate about clean skin care
    • 23:00 Why Cassy is okay walking away from money
    • 27:08 Tips for gaining trust with your consumers 

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