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Procrastination Styles Explained

People procrastinate. That’s a fact of life! At some point, everyone will engage in some form of procrastination. Whether you simply don’t want to do a task or are avoiding it, the bottom line is that you aren’t working, and that’s a huge problem for any aspiring small business owner.

That’s why we sat down with Courtney Wolf to talk about how to overcome procrastination. She’s studied how everyone struggles with procrastination, and she’s found that there are four types of procrastination. Each procrastination style is different, and knowing which one you fall into is a huge step toward improving your ability to work under pressure.

So, join us! Let’s learn all about your procrastination personality!

The Four Types of Procrastination

According to Courtney, there are four major procrastination styles. Each form is different, and the main feature is how people deal with important tasks.

1. The Goal-Getter

One of the big things to know is that procrastination can include actual work0, and it’s what the first two personality types perfectly highlight.

The Goal-Getter style of procrastination avoids important tasks by focusing on goals. When one goal is complete, they immediately move to something else. While the ability to multitask is a huge plus when you’re running a small business, it’s not always your friend.

A Goal-Getter may claim that they aren’t procrastinating because they’re working, but that’s not true! The Goal-Getter is engaging in a diversion that has pulled them away from whatever their focus should be.

2. The Planning Princess (or Prince)

A Planning Princess/Prince will avoid their duties by engaging in detailed work. Like the Goal-Getter, they’ll be able to say that they’re working, but they’re not working on what they should be doing. Instead, they’re bogged down by research and fine details. As a result, important tasks aren’t getting done!

3. The Social Starlight

Here’s where we get into the conventional view of procrastination.

A Social Starlight is a charismatic person. When they hit a wall, they’ll avoid their work by engaging in social activities. This may take the form of chatting with others, but Social Starlights will also take to social media to fulfill their need to procrastinate. This is a super dangerous kind of procrastination because it truly pulls you away from productive aspects of your work.

4. The Pressure Performer

Finally, there’s the Pressure Performer. This form of procrastination is Chelsea’s procrastination style, and it revolves around the idea of having plenty of time to work on something. For some people, this just doesn’t sit well with them. They need a feeling of pressure to achieve their goals, and they get this by waiting until the last minute to finish their tasks.

How to Overcome Your Procrastination

Now that we know what type of procrastination type we fall into, it’s time to see how we can solve the problem! With Courtney’s help, we’ve found a helpful tip for every procrastination tip, so keep reading to learn more!

1. Keep Making Goals

If you’re a Goal-Getter, then the secret to overcoming your struggles with procrastination is to lean into your strength. Whenever you complete a goal, move the goalpost to something else within the space you need to improve. This way, you’re always focused on what you need to work on!

2. Use Checklists

If you’re a Planning Princess (or Prince), then you probably love checklists. These detailed plans give you a sense of accomplishment, and each task that you complete is another item off of your list. Like the Goal-Getters, you want to take full advantage of this strength. When you’re working, the secret to overcoming your procrastination is to use a checklist!

3. Practice Good Habits

For Social Starlights, your situation is a little more difficult. There are plenty of app blockers that you can use, but the most important thing for you to learn is moderation. Begin to build healthy social media limits. Whenever you take a break, set a time limit. Once that alarm goes off, get back to work!

4. Create Your Own Goals

Finally, for the Pressure Performers, you want to create your own goals. Force yourself to work earlier by making your own deadlines. These may not be totally accurate, but they’re good enough to trick your brain into that productive thinking mode that you need.

Boost Your Productivity

We hope that these insights into your personality type have helped you, but your growth journey doesn’t have to stop here! If you’re looking for a way to create generational wealth and establish a passive income stream, then it’s time to find a group that understands you.

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