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Potty Training Myths & How Talking About Poop Launched Andrea Olson’s Family From Food Stamps To Financial Freedom

Hey guys! If you are new here, we are Stephen and Chelsey back with another episode of the Rainmaker Family podcast. It’s our passion to help families all over find financial freedom and create passive income without taking time away from family!

Today we are so excited to have Andrea Olson with us! Andrea is a master mom of 5 who ranges from age 5-11, who has found a proven method of having children out of diapers by the time they’re walking! (Yeah, our jaws dropped too.) Her elimination communication method has worked not only for her own children, but for thousands of other moms as well!

Not only has she mastered her craft in the home, but she’s also a powerhouse “mompetrenuer” who created her own business, started multiple companies, and even created her own products based on her infant training method, and empowers other moms to a “hands off” product shop. She utilizes the power of working smarter, not harder, and is now able to work only 3 hours a day and keep her business thriving. (Yep, jaws dropping again) 

This is a crazy, amazing episode that we are so excited about! You’re going to hear about her amazing journey from food stamps to passive income, and walk away with practical action steps you can use immediately. So hit play and get ready to have your mind blown and make it rain!


More Of What We Talk About:

  • The idea of diapering being a parenting turn off 
  • Elimination communication
  • 4 easy catches 
  • Being poop pioneers
  • Getting into e-commerce 
  • Creating a positive problem
  • How to create a product alongside your tribe
  • Allowing yourself to be in the zone of influence 
  • Getting help in order to focus on work
  • The ultimate procrastination killer 
  • Focusing on one mode of social media and then passing it around to the rest. 
  • The power of playing the SEO long game
  • And Much More! 



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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 What to expect today
  • 2:09 Get ready to have your mind blown
  • 4:09 How Andrea got started
  • 12:26 A look into Andrea’s process
  • 18:34 How Andrea’s e-commerce business started
  • 29:50 What’s going to give you the raise today?
  • 33:35 How to connect with Andrea
  • 37:47 Chelsey’s advice for all MOMtrepreneurs 

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