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Overcome Comparison In Your Life: Late Night Encouragement from Mamma Chelsey!

Hey, Rainmaker! It’s Chelsey. 🙂 Today it’s just you and me! I just laid Ollie down to sleep, and as I was rocking him, I really felt like I needed to record this podcast episode. Usually, Stephen and I come on here live together, but I’m recording this solo in the evening because I couldn’t escape the feeling that you need to hear this today.

In episode 95, I shared how I have recently came out of a season of rest and prioritizing my health. In this season I know that it’s time to put the “peddle to the metal” and start sharing my voice more.

I’ve been working on creating content to engage more with our audience and I want to connect more and share content that’s on my heart. I hired a content coach and she has been helping me release things that could be holding me back.

Through this process, I’m learning a lot about myself and finding new ways to be confident and leave toxic thoughts like the comparison that could be keeping me small in the past.

I know that so many Momas may feel the same way, so I just want to pass on some of the things that I’m learning. One thing I’ve seen in our Rainmaker community and in entrepreneurship, in general, is that things like comparison can hold us ALL back at times.

Plain and simple, comparison wants to rob you of joy. It wants you to think you’re not where you’re supposed to be, you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do, you’re way behind, things are falling between the cracks and nobody cares.

That’s the biggest lie, you could ever fall for. If you have been feeling overwhelmed by comparison, I just want to tell you that you are exactly where you need to be. Hit play to hear the full pep my talk!

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    Episode: minute by minute 

    • 1:04 What Chelsey has been working on lately 
    • 1:52 The real problem with comparing yourself to others
    • 2:33 You are exactly where you need to be
    • 4:12 How Chelsey is stepping out in faith and putting herself out there
    • 5:50 It’s all about enjoying the process 
    • 7:40 How to remind yourself of the truth 
    • 9:00 How Chelsey is finding clarity and inspiration 
    • 10:09 Never underestimate the power of gratitude 
    • 14:02 How to connect directly with Chelsey


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