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Outsourcing: What to Know Before Hiring Your First Or Next VA – A Fireside Chat w/ Rachael & Dustin

“We don’t accomplish anything in this world alone…” – Sandra Day O’Connor


As a new business or product shop owner, in the early days, it’s normal to “wear all the hats” and be responsible for every task and project that happens day to day in your company or brand. We can all agree that the grind is necessary to get things up off the ground. However, if you REALLY want to scale and even grow to a new level…it may take a team. 


What most entrepreneurs don’t know is that a “team” doesn’t require them to have a fancy office building, multiply six figures ready to cover the payroll, or deal with questions like “Is my spouse covered on our dental program?” 


It’s true! You can create a team around the world covering some of your most important tasks for as little as $1-$3 an hour! Luckily for you, our guests today know exactly how to make this happen in your business. 


Welcome back to the Rainmaker Family Show! Today we have Rachael and Dustin back for another great conversation. If you have listened for a while, you probably have heard about our Rainmaker Mastermind Community. This is where we drop some of our elite-level marketing and business tips! 


Today’s episode is actually the highlights from a recent “fireside chat” style training with Rachael and Dustin all about Outsourcing and everything you need to know before hiring your first or next Virtual Assistant (VA).


Get all your questions answered about who to hire, where to hire, how to fire (if needed LOL), the types of projects you can outsource at any stage of business, how to settle on a price and so much more! These two drop some serious golden chicky nuggets today so be sure to take notes and check out the resources below to learn more! 

More of What’s Inside:

  • How to start buying back your time
  • The best place to hire VA’s 
  • How you can truly change someone’s life
  • The importance of grace in your leadership
  • The #1 goal of every business
  • Taking your emotions out the equation 
  • The exact steps to take to hire
  • Tips for finding someone trustworthy
  • And more!


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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 02:57 An overview of today’s topic
  • 05:09 Hiring for quick “one-off tasks”
  • 08:31 The “handyman” style VA
  • 14:39 How to create a few extra hours in your schedule
  • 16:00 Guidelines you need to follow to hire your first VA
  • 18:31 One way to know if someone on Fiverr is legit
  • 30:54 Our favorite places to hire outside of the US
  • 25:12 What “hiring” will look like
  • 28:41 How to gain trust with your VA
  • 31:58 Tips for IF you have to fire someone…

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