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Outranking a Billion Dollar Company on Google w/ Damon Burton

Hey guys! Stephen here, flying solo today for a fun interview with my new friend Damon Burton.

In the old days, each town and village had its own appointed “town crier.” This person was employed to make public announcements in the streets or marketplace of a town. They were the go-to source for the best deals, news, sales, and products. 

Imagine having your own “town crier” devoted to just letting your ideal customer know about your business at the exact moment they were ready to buy…

In 2021, that town crier is the first page of Google! Google’s search engine is It is by far the number one place that people are searching for you and your potential business. Have you ever wondered how you can actually cut through all the internet noise and get in front of those people searching? 

If so, look no further! We have all your answers on today’s episode. 

Hit play to hear mine and Damon’s conversation on this very topic. ​​Damon is one of the industry leaders for all things SEO. After using his technique to out-rank and out-perform a billion-dollar company on Google, he now helps some of the best in the biz take their brands and companies to the next level through leveraging organic Traffic strategies. (Aka traffic with no paid ads)

Listen in and learn the hottest tips and tricks you need to know to take any website to the next level! This could be your biggest marketing advantage in 2022 and beyond!

More Of What We Talk About:

  • Why you can’t gloss over this topic
  • Why Stephen loves Damon story
  • What SEO stands for
  • Why entrepreneurs need to focus on communication skills
  • The easiest way to upgrade your SEO 
  • How your load speeds can make or break you
  • Mobile traffic vs web traffic
  • Finding clues on what to do
  • The biggest Google changes in the last 10 years
  • Why you need to start today!
  • And Much More! 


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    Episode: minute by minute 

    • 0:02 What to expect today
    • 1:27 Conversations starts
    • 2:08 What SEO is and why it’s important
    • 8:29 How Stephen started learning about SEO
    • 11:58 How to upgrade your SEO game today
    • 17:23 Stats that will blow your mind
    • 23:56 The value of response to the dimensions
    • 28:28 Discovering your keywords
    • 32:40 A site to help create content ideas
    • 37:27 SEO is the long game
    • 40:45 How to connect with Damon

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