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Our “Funnel” Framework For Hiring Top Talent in Our Business & Life (We even used this to hire a nanny!)

Hey there, Rainmakers! Today, we want to share with you our step-by-step framework for hiring rock stars. Whether you’re looking for a nanny, an office assistant, a tech automation specialist, or someone in your business, this process can be applied to help you find the best candidates.

So, let’s dive into our hiring funnel. Picture a funnel in your mind—wide at the top and gradually narrowing down until only the best candidates remain. That’s how you should approach the hiring process. It’s all about filtering out those who aren’t a good fit and finding the cream of the crop.

Step number one is to see the hiring process as a funnel with multiple steps. For example, if you’re searching for a handyman on Yelp, you can start by calling ten different candidates. Narrow it down by seeing who responds to your inquiry promptly. You might end up with just four candidates, and from there, you can ask some questions to further filter them down.

Step number two is to create the widest opening for the funnel by posting a compelling job description on various platforms like, Indeed, or social media. Include relevant details about the job and tasks involved to attract suitable candidates.

Step number three is all about asking the right questions in the application process. Add some qualifier questions to help weed out less serious applicants. For example, include a unique keyword or instruction in the job description that applicants must include in their response to show they paid attention.

Step number four is an optional step but highly effective—use a personality test like the DISC test to gain insight into candidates’ behaviors and motivations. This will help you tailor your communication and management style to better suit them.

Step number five is to implement a 90-day test period after hiring a candidate. This gives both you and the new hire the opportunity to assess whether the job is a good fit for both parties. If everything goes well, you can transition the candidate to full-time employment.

Bonus tip: Consider using a Four R Document—Role, Results, Requirements, and Rate—to clearly communicate all aspects of the job to the candidate. This document ensures that everyone is on the same page from the start and helps to evaluate performance later on.

Hit play to learn how to streamline your hiring process and attract the best candidates for the position! Remember, this approach can be tailored to any job, whether it’s for your business or your personal life. Hiring the right people is crucial to building a successful team, so take the time to implement this framework and find your own rock stars! Happy hiring!

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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 00:02 Learn step by step how to hire top talent for your business and life 
  • 00:56 Stephen shares about looking at everything in your life as a funnel 
  • 01:19 Taking funnel approach to hiring someone helps you weed out those that aren’t a good fit
  • 01:39 Step 1: view the hiring process as a funnel 
  • 03:01 Vetting candidates allows you to go from hundreds of applicants, to the perfect fit 
  • 03:37 Step 2: open the funnel and put out a wide net to catch as many applicants as possible 
  • 04:58 Have a second tier to your application on larger job websites to weed people out 
  • 05:26 Adding an automated google form for each applicant to fill out helps narrow your search
  • 05:37 Step 3: Ask the right questions
  • 07:44 Having a few qualifier questions on the google sheet helps narrow the search down further 
  • 09:31 Stephen recommends using the program Video Ask to create a video interview 
  • 10:27 Video Ask gives you a good idea of how someone talks, interacts and quickly respond
  • 11:54 One optional test is to take them through a personality test, such as DISC 
  • 12:51 After the personality test, they hosted in person interviews to nail down their top choice
  • 14:16 The last step, after you’ve hired a candidate, is to give them a 90 day trial 
  • 15:50 One bonus tip, is to put something in the job description that they have to read and respond with a specific word 
  • 17:16 One final tip, is to have a document that lays out the expectations for the job with 4 R’s
  • 18:19 Do a weekly check in using the 4 R doc to make sure expectations are being delivered
  • 19:06 Next time you hire someone, ask good questions and have clear communication!  

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