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I believe in having both digital backups and physical prints of your images. After having Kaizen, I’ve tried my best to create systems that allow me to have multiple backups of images both in printed and digital form. I’ve heard from so many other moms that the struggle is real. It’s hard to know what to do with your images especially after getting them back from a professional photographer. I hear you momma! That is why I’m working hard to create lots of resources for you on this particular topic!

my favorite resources organizing your photos


As a wedding and lifestyle photographer, I love the companies that we’ve been able to partner with that make preserving your photographs easy. All of our clients receive a beautiful online gallery of images. This is a great safe keeping of your photos BUT it’s important to not use this as the only source to store your images.

Two Reasons To Not Keep Your Photos in JUST an Online Gallery

  1. You want your images backed up in multiple places. If the online gallery system or dropbox goes down for some reason, you want a backup offline.

  2. Your images were not made to just be viewed on your smart phone or computer. They were meant to be shared in a tangible format that can be passed on for generations. Imagine your great grandchildren not being able to see your photos because someone along the way forgot the password!

Stephen and I are big believers in backing and even triple backing up all our personal photos and videos that have been taken. The photos of us together mark milestones in our relationship, in our marriage and as a family. The last thing we would ever want to have happen is loose these images.

So below are several resources that we suggest using to safe keep your images both physically in print or digitally.

organizing photos for the modern momma my favorite photo saving resources

Printed Photos

PASS – All our families get an online gallery with an amazing high quality professional printing service attached. This is the same service we order all our photos through and one of our top recommendations if you have a PASS gallery.

Mpix – This is a great option for those who do not have a PASS gallery. You can upload your iPhone photos or images you’ve taken on the go. They have good quality prints that are a step up from the common local and online printing companies.

Artifacts Uprising – I love this company. We made a soft cover book for all our travels and I have been very impressed with their quality. This is a great company to order a family or quarterly yearbook from.

Social Print Studio – We get comments on our magnet Instagram-like feed we have on our refrigerator. We update it with new magnets all the time. Social print studio has lots of fun ways to display your photos from calendars to our favorite, the photo magnets.

Digital Photos

Lacie 4TB Hard Drive – I keep all our family videos and photos on this hard drive. It’s my physical copy of everything. In case of a crazy emergency (I’d rather be safe than sorry), I would grab this right away. We like this one because 4TB is a lot of space, will take a long time before it fills up. It also has a rugged design to avoid damage if dropped and is bright orange so you can’t miss it! I suggest any family downloading their professional photos to hard drive just to have an extra safe keeping.

Dropbox – Another great way to back up images on. We use Dropbox so much in our business and it’s a perfect way to keep files and photos backed up!

iCloud or Google Photo App – If you’re on Android, Google’s photo app is your friend. If you’re on Apple, we love iCloud as it can back up all your photos for future device changes. Their storage plan is affordable and even has family sharing features which make sharing photos really easy. We created a shared album for Kaizen and the family loves seeing updates. Whenever we add a photo to that shared album, it goes to every family member’s phone!

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