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One Simple Thing You Can Add to Your Business to Increase Your Income Even in the Next 48 Hours with Collin Boyd

Two days away from a higher payday! Who is with us?

Welcome back to another episode of the Rainmaker Family Show! Today it’s me here, Stephen! Chelsey and the boys are feeling a bit under the weather so I am flying solo for today’s conversation as they snuggle and rest under a blanket in the next room. Well, I am not totally alone, I have an AMAZING guest joining me that I can’t wait for you to meet!

Hit play to hear the one and only Collin Boyd. Collin and I met at a Mastermind we are both a part of and we hit it off right away. Collin knows how to lead with value and serve people at a high level! Before we really knew each other, Collin walked over to me during an event with a pen and piece of paper and started mapping out this incredible strategy we could use to help more Moms make millions. It was then I knew he was the real deal! 

What Collin is most known for is his ability to help business owners and entrepreneurs make more money with their words! If you are listening to this podcast, most likely people are trading you money for something, right? So our goal today is to help you get better at communicating and using the right words to sell! $$$

Whether it’s for our listings on Amazon, a video that we’re making, or whether it’s us going on Instagram, a live stream, or even speaking on stage. Finding the words that move the needle in your business is something we should be up-leveling at all stages of business. 

You’ll also hear Collin reveal the #1 most profitable story your business needs to tell, what science says about the words you use to sell, how to make a story around any product, how to start making more money within 24 hours and so much more!   


If you joined our last Rainmaker Challenge, you probably went through our “Family Freedom Model Chart” quiz. Colin is actually the one who helped us create that! To learn more about the Rainmaker challenge and Colin’s work check out the links below!


More of What’s Inside:

  • How this episode can help you make more $$$
  • One tool we are using that changed our customer journey 
  • How to become a great storyteller 
  • Why story is so important for any brand
  • One brand that totally stopped our scroll (and how you can too) 
  • Personal goals Stephen and Chelsey are working on
  • What we can learn from Disneyland 
  • Where is the best place to start any story 
  • How to make more people listen to what you ahve to say
  • How to learn more from Collin 
  • And more!


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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 00:37 Get to know Collin Boyd 
  • 03:20 How Collin started in sales and marketing
  • 05:19 How to leverage storytelling in your business
  • 10:20 The 3 questions your story should answer
  • 13:47 How to make a “brand story” for any company
  • 18:35 How to find a story even around a boring product 
  • 24:44 The order a story should be told in 
  • 27:28 How to overcome the fear of selling
  • 33:13 How to connect with Collin 


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