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One Reason Why Most Businesses Stay Under 8 Figures

Hello Rainmakers! Today’s episode is one you don’t want to miss. We dive into the secret sauce of life and work transformations – ‘accountability’. This is one topic that’s gonna hit home for everyone.

Let’s start with our personal fitness journey. Ever thought about hiring a personal trainer? Well, we did, and it changed everything. That little nudge of accountability and someone physically showing up at our door is what we needed.

But, here’s the kicker. This isn’t just about getting in shape. We can bring that idea of accountability into our professional lives too. We’ll be diving into a backyard construction project we started. Without any oversight, progress was slower than anticipated in January. But once we brought accountability into the mix? Boom! Expectation was set, and things began to progress. 

The big takeaway is that accountability is about understanding what ‘done’ looks like, knowing who’s in the driver’s seat, and understanding why it matters to you. It’s about ‘calling them up’, not ‘calling them out’, to encourage self-awareness and motivation.

So, buckle up, Rainmakers! We’ve got a lot to share on how to create an atmosphere of accountability to supercharge growth and productivity in your life and your business. If you’re looking for that one thing that’ll help strengthen your relationships and have your business running smoothly and efficiently, then this episode is for you. Hit play and let’s continue making it rain together with the power of accountability!

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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 0:00 Introduction to today’s show + Stephen’s journey with fitness
  • 4:30 Defining what “done” looks like brings clarity and momentum 
  • 5:20 Establishing the four W’s for every project you start 
  • 7:27 Giving the ‘why’ to your project, helps hold other people accountable 
  • 9:39 Learn how to not call people out, but to call them up
  • 12:38 Three proactive phrases for holding each other accountable
  • 14:35 Concluding with why clear communication is vital as a business owner

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