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Motherhood & Business Ownership in 2024

Welcome back, Rainmakers! Today’s episode is a special one, as we had a company recently reach out, wanting to write an article about us. They sent over some questions and we thought it would be fun to answer them in this episode!

 This conversation offers a glimpse into our thoughts and experiences on motherhood, business, and the unique challenges that come with balancing the two. 

In our community, we often talk about the hurdles that hold many moms back from diving into entrepreneurship. If this resonates with you, then this episode is definitely a must-listen! We share firsthand insights, including the real talk on how we’ve navigated these challenges and turned them into opportunities for growth and success.

We know all too well how challenging it can be to show up powerfully for your family while running a business and pursuing personal fulfillment. In our conversation, we dive into finding a balance that works not just for business success but for family harmony too, and address that all-too-familiar mom guilt. Our approach to life and business is a mix of embracing challenges and making time for what truly matters – our family.

We hope that this episode provides you with wisdom on discovering your unique strengths, building a community that uplifts and supports you, and crafting a life that is not only successful but also deeply fulfilling.

So, if you’re in need of a boost of motivation and practical advice, hit play on this episode. You got this mama!

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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 00:00 Introduction to Today’s Interview With Chelsey!
  • 00:57 Diving into the Interview Questions
  • 01:36 Discussing Motherhood and Entrepreneurship
  • 03:20 Challenges Faced by Mom Entrepreneurs
  • 06:28 Advice for Moms Exploring Entrepreneurship
  • 08:19 The Impact of Entrepreneurship on Women
  • 10:51 E-commerce Landscape and Its Evolution
  • 13:04 Understanding Passive vs Leveraged Income
  • 15:41 Future of Motherhood and Entrepreneurship
  • 17:40 The Concept of ‘Making it Rain’ in Rainmaker Family
  • 19:52 Conclusion and Wrap-up to Our Interview!

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