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Mom Hacks To Travel For FREE with @TravelHackingMoms Alex & Pam

Did someone say FREE family vacation!?

Before you roll your eyes or swipe past this episode, hear us out! This is not a sweepstake or crazy prize giveaway, today we are talking about a real (and replicable for anyone) strategy that can earn you free hotels, rental cars, flights, and even all-inclusive trips.

The Mom and Daughter duo from @TravelHackingMoms, Alex and Pam are our guests today and they know all the tips, tricks, and hacks, we all need to make this happen. Hit play to join the conversation now!

After following their Instagram account for a while, we knew you had to meet these amazing ladies. If you are like us, you lay in bed at night and look at photos of your kids. Even though they just went to sleep and they are in the same house, you just can’t get enough of them sometimes. 🙂 

Our favorite pictures and memories are times when we have traveled as a family and got to explore the world together. Even though our two sons are young right now, we learned quickly how precious trips like this can be. If you want a future with more family fun, this episode is for you! 

Get to know Alex and Pam as they share the ins and outs of how to capitalize on credit card points. When most people hear the term “credit card” in any context, their mind goes straight to fear and a lot of questions.

Which card will work for more?

Where do I even start?

Do I have to have like 50 cards?

Isn’t credit bad for business? 

What if I destroy my credit score?

Don’t I have to spend a lot of money to earn anything?

We had similar questions too! In this conversation, Alex and Pam cover all those questions and more! By the end, you’ll know exactly what to do to start making it RAIN for your next family vacation. You’ll also learn when’s the best time to open a card, the differences between points, and how to earn more points by doing what you’re already doing every day! 

If you enjoy this conversation, spread the love! Share the show with a Momma bear you think needs to hear it. For more information and money-making tips and hacks, scroll down to the links below! 

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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 00:34 What if you could travel FREE?
  • 01:37 What trip Alex & Pam are most excited about
  • 3:46 The biggest misconception about credit
  • 07:16 How you can strategically use credit every day
  • 09:02 Why you don’t have to use a lot of money to make points
  • 14:18 The best credit card to get started with
  • 20:31 How this strategy can impact lives

Want to join the conversation face to face? Check out the video podcast now on our YouTube Channel!

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