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Mom Hacks: How To Travel for Free

When you’re a working mom, one of the most stressful things you can do is plan a vacation. Aside from the time off, you’ll need to plan out your stay! Where will your hotel room be? How will you get there? How will you pay for your family-friendly getaway? All of these questions are valid, but there are plenty of ways to make sure your next vacation is stress-free!

To help every member of the Rainmaker family recharge, we had a talk with Alex and Pam, and they’ve given us some awesome tips on mom hacks to make your hotel stays as relaxing as possible!

1: Find a Good Travel Credit Card

The first thing that prospective travelers should do is research. Look through current credit card offers and seek out companies that offer rewards points toward all-inclusive trips. The faster you can start earning points, the better!

Of course, you want to do your research. Don’t just get the first card you see! However, once you have your card, it’s time to start working.

2: Start Shopping

Now that you have a new card, start shopping. When they’re out and about, Alex and Pam will buy everything they can with their travel credit cards.

It’s all about earning points. The more travel points you earn, the more things that you can cover on your next family travel plan. Depending on which of the many credit cards you pick, you can cover your entire trip — from the plane to the train to the hotel rooms! Some rewards programs will even give members free accommodations in exchange for points.

3: Seek Out Bonus Categories

If you’re working your way up from the bottom, then the first place to start making purchases is the “bonus” category section of your card. Many of these programs offer more points on expensive items, such as jet skis.

Now, we’re not telling you to go out there and spend like crazy! Instead, look at your budget. If you think you can swing a big purchase, then go ahead and make it! Those extra points can easily earn you a spot at free hotels and restaurants in a single go!

4: Balance Your Cards

As you get more adept with credit cards, you’ll probably expand your portfolio. At their home, both Alex and Pam have a binder full of credit cards. They obviously aren’t using all of them, but it’s handy to keep them available.

This is because every card will have a different bonus. Some cards offer double or triple rewards for food, so they’ll be used whenever Alex and Pam dine out. In other cases, a card might offer more points for fuel purchases. If so, Alex and Pam will charge all of their refuels to that specific card.

It’s all about keeping track of what goes where and how that will affect you down the line. If you want free travel, then it’s just a matter of keeping things in the right place.

5: Never Stop Spending!

Now that you know the basics, start applying them.

Keep spending. Use your rewards cards, and you’ll earn plenty of points as you go about your daily life.

This is what the biggest misconception is. Both Alex and Pam constantly meet people who assume that millions of points can only be earned with extravagant spending. That’s not true! Everyone can earn points by simply using their credit cards instead of their debit cards. Your weekly grocery run can easily net a few hundred points, and refueling your car can add a few more.

All of these things add up, and that is what you’re after!

You want to spend wisely, spend regularly, and use your rewards card constantly. Otherwise, it will take forever for you to earn enough points for free travel.

Ps – This hack works on business spending too! Just make sure you are using a travel rewards card for your monthly expenses as you grow your business!

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