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Make More Money Using These Social Media Tips


That was the bell, which means class is about to start! 

Did that give you some nostalgia for your school days? Well, you may have more of those moments in this episode because today we are taking you to social media school! We will be the first people to say we are not social experts. 

We can walk away from our social platforms for months without posting anything. In fact, if we are being honest our main pictures don’t even have the full family in them! Baby Ollie is still missing on most profiles because it’s not our main business focus. 

However, that’s what makes this class great. You don’t need to be an expert or post endless amounts of new content with these tips. Today’s “class” is in session and we are going to teach you a few easy tweaks we have used on our FREE social media platforms that have brought in the big bucks without a lot of effort. 

If you think about it, the internet is a huge place. Literally, anyone in the world can find you and your profile. For most people, that can be a creepy thought. For Rainmakers, we know that just means we have opportunities every day for new people to see our business or products. 

AKA: Serve the people who find your profiles! 

The primary way we use our social media is to serve people because that’s what it’s all about. If you want to be the same way, hit play to learn how to Make More Money Using These Social Media Tips. We thought it would be best to start with the main revenue driving platforms which are Facebook and Instagram. However, if you use LinkedIn, TikTok, WhatsApp or any other social these tips will work there too! 

Homework Warning:  

Like most great classes, you’re not getting out of here without some homework. If you can, get out your computer or phone and start making these changes to your social media in real time and don’t be afraid to overuse that pause button!

Hit play 


Take action


More of What’s Inside:

  • How to upgrade your profile picture
  • What your bio should say
  • Our favorite “link in bio” link 
  • How to choose the first post people see
  • How to make your cover photo into a billboard
  • Instagram hacks that work for every industry
  • How to build trust using highlights
  • And more!

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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 00:02 Class is in session! Here’s what you’ll learn
  • 00:51 How to use social media for more sales
  • 03:39 How to upgrade your Facebook
  • 05:12 Don’t be afraid to talk about your business (Even if it’s not where you want it to be yet)
  • 08:28 How to look fancier online for cheap
  • 08:07 Why these tips are important for Speakers and Coaches
  • 11:15 How to up-level your bio/intro section
  • 14:54 Two Facebook hacks you don’t want to skip
  • 15:55 How to start making Instagram bring you sales
  • 20:40 How to leverage the Instagram highlights
  • 21:45 Class recap! What tip are you taking action on?

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