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Kevin Clayson | Flipping A Switch That Will Flip Your LIFE Into Winning Mode, and Leaving Others Better Off Along The Way

Hey guys! If you are new here, we are Stephen and Chelsey back with another episode of the Rainmaker Family podcast. It’s our passion to help families all over find financial freedom and create passive income without taking time away from family!

Today we are joined by Kevin Clayson! Kevin runs a “done for you” real estate investing service, that takes the guesswork and heavy lifting out of the “will this investment profit?”. This allows his clients to keep 100% of the financial and tax benefits for real estate! 

More than that though Kevin shares with us a deeper passion of active gratitude, that helps others succeed in business. Kevin shares how to change fixed mindsets by using gratitude as a verb rather than a feeling, as well as  how focusing on progress rather than perfection, can transform not only yourself, but your relationships, and business too. 

Whether you are in a slump, looking to grow, trying to start your business or having been grinding for years, this episode will have something juicy for you. This episode is so full of wisdom, encouragement, and drive that we can’t even wait to re-listen again ourselves! 

So settle in, get ready for activation and power as Kevin motivates you so you can make it rain this week. 

More Of What We Talk About:

  • Entrepreneurship feeling like being in a foreign country 
  • Power in reading 
  • When old walls try to pop back up 
  • Active gratitude vs gratitude 
  • How gratitude can transform your mindset and business 
  • Choosing to be grateful during hard times to make it through 
  • When old habits and mindsets try to creep in 
  • Biological changes made by choosing active gratitude 
  • Putting your face into the shape of a smile 
  • Rewarding with experiences rather than money 
  • Base hits vs swinging for the fences 
  • Focusing on small incremental wins 
  • Leaving people better with every interaction 
  • And Much More! 



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  • 0:02 Why this episode will leave you buzzing
  • 1:35 Get to know Kevin
  • 7:41 What helps you overcome (and stay over) walls
  • 15:30 The truth about complaining
  • 25:30 A positive reinforcement strategy for kids
  • 31:55 Focusing on the small wins
  • 36:38 The 4 words that Kevin lives by 
  • 39:30 Seeking the quiet applause of heaven
  • 46:16 How to know something is a heavenly solution 

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