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Is THIS Holding You Back From Making More Money This Month? Find Out w/ Melissa Busch Mejia

Need to make some extra money? You probably don’t need to go out and get a job, start a side hustle or even buy another online course. 

Don’t get us wrong, all those things are great, and we have even done them ourselves. However, the greatest thing you can do to make more $$$ and increase the overall abundance in your life is to get your mindset right. 

We talk a lot about mindset here on the Rainmaker Family Show because we have seen firsthand how transforming your mindset and breaking past your own limiting beliefs is the key to unlocking your dreams and changing your family legacy for the better. 

If you want to upgrade your Money Mindset, this episode is for you! On today’s show, we welcome back the one and only Melissa Busch Mejia! If you are in the Rainmaker Community, you know her as “Coach,” or if you have been listening to the show for a while, you may remember her from episode 13. 

It was titled “​​This Can Crush You or Catapult You,” and it was personally one of our favorite episodes to date. If you haven’t checked it out yet, we highly recommend checking it out! That’s one of the reasons we wanted to continue the conversation and let Melissa share her powerful insight on Money Mindsets and what could be holding you back from making more income. 

Here’s what you can expect when you hit play! Recently, Melissa has done some AMAZING group coaching calls in our Rainmaker Mastermind Community. The wisdom she shared cost some of our members thousands of dollars, but in this conversation, she is going to give her top-level advice away for FREE! 


To continue the conversation with Melissa and us, check out the links below to find out more about one-on-one coaching! 

More of What’s Inside:

  • You have to believe it before you see it
  • The fear thing that blocks cash flowing to you
  • What holds most people back from millions 
  • Why we need to normalize wealth
  • Surrounding yourself with winners
  • How to teach your kids the abundance mindset
  • Where most of your negative money mindset comes from
  • Why mindset matters more than anything
  • How to get a FREE coaching session
  • And more!

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*Rainmaker Mastermind Members: Find information about Melissa’s Money Mindset sessions on the Rainmaker Upgrades page 🙂

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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 00:39 Why we are so excited for today’s show
  • 02:30 Let’s talk about your money mindset
  • 08:18 How abundance is always around you
  • 10:03 Where your “money mindset” comes from
  • 12:05 The 4 most common money blocks
  • 15:36 Brain hacks every business owner needs 
  • 25:11 How to talk about money around your kids
  • 28:05 Why you shouldn’t fear an economic downturn
  • 33:55 How to get mindset coaching from Melissa Busch Mejia

Want to join the conversation face to face? Check out the video podcast now on our YouTube Channel!

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