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How Would Your Life Change Today if You Could Time Travel?

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Time travel is an enthralling concept that has captured the human imagination for years. From stories like H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine to the ‘80s classic Back to the Future, fictional time travel is one of our favorite fictional subjects to explore. 

But time travel can also be an exercise in mindfulness. No, really! Today, we’re going to talk about how you can “time travel.” We will lead you through two mindfulness experiences to help you revisit important moments in the past and reach into the future by talking to your future self now.

It might sound silly, but we assure you: letting yourself play with time travel as a thought experiment is a great way to engage and be more present without forgetting the past or getting too caught up in the future to take important actions now. If you prefer, you can watch or listen to our full podcast episode.

How Can Mindfulness Let You Time Travel?

To start our journeys into the past and the future, we need to take a moment to talk about mindfulness. When you approach your life with mindfulness and intention, you will see all kinds of turnarounds and interesting things happening in your life. You will be able to approach life with a healthier mindset, and that will reflect in your business and your family time. 

Say for instance you’re an Amazon seller like we are and like many of our Rainmaker families are, and you really want to make six figures in your business. There are two ways you could go about thinking about it. You could focus on what you don’t have, which is a scarcity mindset. By focusing on not having the award and not having made that progress yet, you may end up stuck in that gap between your current reality and your future goals.

An abundance mindset, however, will help you get out of that gap. By approaching that situation with an abundance mindset, you can start focusing on the things that you’ve already done to get to where you are right now. Even thinking about baby steps can get you started on an abundance mindset. Abundance is what got you to where you are today, and it’s what will see you through to the next step.

So now that we’re ready to go with our abundance mindset and mindfulness, let’s talk about time travel!

Traveling To The Past

An abundance mindset when thinking about the past is extremely important. Here’s a way that you can use abundance and time travel to make the worries of the present seem less overwhelming. As you revisit major events and think back on them, holding them in your thoughts, let the present fade away. Focus on three important moments. 

First, think of the things that you’ve overcome to get you to your present moment; think of the powerful things that you’ve done. 

Then, think about a moment in your life that was just overwhelming with the beauty of it.

Finally, think of a moment when you felt something holy or divine—some greater spiritual connection to the world where the timing was perfect and made you feel gratitude.

Cycle through these, just for a few minutes, and let yourself really feel what you felt back then. As you re-experience these moments, you’ll realize how much you have to be grateful for and how letting yourself reflect on life’s abundance can help shift your mindset towards something constructive and positive. 

Traveling To The Future

While you’re still in that abundance mindset and practicing gratitude, it’s time to travel to the future.

Activating your future self is all about setting goals and imagining where you could be in the future. Envision your goals, and let yourself think about possible futures. Even if you can’t imagine what might happen ten years from now, think about what your life and business might look like five years from now. Where are you going? What is your bigger vision for your life? And what moments of beauty and power will your future self have to look back on?

Think about yourself in ten years. What will you look back on when you think about today? Take time to intentionally make moments that you can look back on and recall the goodness that was happening in your life. Make memories that you will remember in the future. Having an abundance mindset will let you live your life in a way that your future self will think was worth it. Do things that Future You will be happy to recall, and project those feelings of abundance and accomplishment into the future. 

Some of the most important memories that we make for our future selves involve our families. If you want to work on bringing abundance to your life without sacrificing family time, start your Rainmaker Journey and learn how you can build wealth and spend time with the thing that matters most: your family.

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