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How We’re Growing 10k Followers Per Month on Instagram

4,000 followers to over 40,000!

Yes, it is still possible to grow your social media accounts ORGANICALLY! 

And fast! We gained that many followers over the last few months. Crazy, right? Over the past few years, we have had a love-hate relationship with Instagram. At some points in our business, it was a critical part of growth and how we got customers. 

In the years of our careers, we were wedding photographers. Instagram was the obvious choice as they prioritized photos, and visual aesthetics was our jam. It was easy to connect. At other points, we have completely ‘ghosted’ our account and didn’t post for a year or more. 

Fast forward to 2022; what content is working? What is the algorithm favoring and how can you start seeing these results too!? Hit play, and we will answer all these things and more. 

It’s no secret that social media platforms across the board are putting video content at the forefront of what’s “trending.” If you know you need to make more videos but don’t know where to start, you’ll leave this episode with a full game plan! 

During our conversation, we are going to give you all our tips on how we write powerful copy/captions, the framework we use for every video we create, the tools we use to make better content, AND how we are leveraging other content creators’ pages to grow our own. 

Things move fast in the social media space, so who knows how this conversation will age? It will be fun to look back at this episode in a few years and see how far we have come! 

We know that some of the tips we share will stand the test of time and help you in more ways than just Instagram! After you test out these tips, let us know how it goes! Reach out to us via the links below. 


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  • More of What’s Inside:

    • How Instagram took over our lives for a little bit
    • The Hook Story Offer is a framework 
    • How to make your videos more impactful
    • How to catch people’s attention online
    • What not to do and what to do in your posts
    • Short sentences and spaces in between your sentences
    • Creating copy that cuts through the noise
    • And more!

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    Episode: minute by minute 

    • 00:24 Our love/hate relationship with Instagram
    • 02:38 What’s working now on Instagram
    • 03:40 How to create more engaging content
    • 07:35 Finding the right part of the story
    • 09:43 Saw, thought, felt. 
    • 13:34 The copy that creates a connection
    • 16:16 A tool we love to use when writing
    • 19:55 What has moved the need most for us
    • 22:04 A simple idea for a product launch

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