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How To Talk About Your Business In a Way That Makes People Say, “Tell Me More!” with Mike Verret

“Tell me more!”

This is one of the most powerful sayings you can hear as an entrepreneur. Those three words from someone mean you may have the opportunity to serve them with your product or service! However, it’s 2022 so you may not be talking to a future customer face to face. “Tell me more” for you could be a simple click to “read more” or “learn more” about you online! Either way, we can all agree that gaining interest is critical for any successful business and product shop. 

But, how do we actually do that? 

That’s what this episode is all about! Welcome back to another episode of the Rainmaker Family Show. Today we are joined by “the master of messaging” our friend and marketing consultant, Mike Verret. During his 20+ years of marketing, he has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world like Starwars, Monopoly, Yankee Candle, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and more!

He has all the tips and tricks you need to up-level your messaging! You may be thinking – “wait, I’m not a big brand yet, do I need this?” the answer is yes! Whether you are writing up a caption on Instagram, creating your product description, typing out your website bio, or talking to someone on zoom, these are all different types of marketing and messaging. Hit play to learn how to increase your brand messaging in all these areas, plus more!

Especially if you have an Amazon FBA business like us, you are going to need to listen to the end of this episode and take some notes. In the Rainmaker Academy, we are finding more and more that branding can make businesses so much more valuable. The students who have taken the time to dial in the right language and right words around their shop are attracting super fans. Seriously, like customers that want to buy every single product they come out with. It’s incredible! 

We hope this episode gives you the practical steps you need to take your brand to the next level. If you need a little more help along the way, you can reach out to us or connect with Mike today! Keep scrollin’ to see all the links. 

More Of What We Talk About:

  • Why this one skill can transform your life
  • How Mike got started in the words game 
  • The megabrands Mike has helped with messaging
  • What it takes to serve people well
  • How to perfect your elevator pitch 
  • How to better start a conversation with a lead
  • The quickest way to gain interest
  • Baby Ollie coos that will make you smile!
  • And Much More! 

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    Episode: minute by minute 

    • 0:40 Welcome and get to know Mike Verret
    • 1:28 Why Stephen thinks Mike’s expertise is so valuable
    • 4:45 How losing his job was the best thing to ever happen
    • 12:29 The language you use creates your reality
    • 15:45 How people operate online when using search engines
    • 18:15 Master-level copywriting tips 
    • 26:44 How to get people to say, “tell me more?”
    • 33:30 Why order of information matters
    • 36:11 It’s okay doing it wrong before you do it right
    • 38:00 How to put these tips into action

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