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How to Start a Blog that Makes a Full-Time Income

The Rainmaker Family is all about passive income. We love to help you succeed, and we want to help you create generational wealth. That’s why we do what we do, and that’s what the focus of today’s lesson is. Today, we’re bringing you tips and tricks from Jody Houtola, a successful work-from-home blogging momma!

For the past six years, Jodi has made it her mission to provide fellow mothers with the resources they need to keep their kids engaged and active. She’s sat down with us, and she’s given us some amazing tips on working from home and making money from your blog.

How to Start a Blog

One of Jodi’s biggest tips is to start small! Blogs take time to grow, and you likely won’t have a ready-made audience. You’ll need to earn fans, and you can do this by taking advantage of pre-existing websites.

Find Your Niche

Great blogs have a narrow focus. Most people seek out blogs as a way to find information, and you want your blog to be at the top of the page when people search your area of expertise. For Jodi, her niche was leading Girl Scout troops. Yours doesn’t have to be the same, though! Think of what you’re passionate about and what you know. Build content around that knowledge and publish it.

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Take Advantage of Established Sites

Before you make the leap and buy your own domain, use sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to drum up support. In order to make money, you need to have an audience, and you’ll need to earn those fans.

Depending on what sort of information you provide, you can sell pamphlets or activity books. These can be distributed through sites like Etsy. In some cases, you may find a pre-existing website that specializes in the type of downloadables you create.

Another great resource is the ability to have a free domain. These often come bundled with whatever blogging software you opt to use, and you don’t need to pay to keep them. This offers you the chance to test the waters and find your ideal audience without putting any of your money on the line.

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Make What People Need

One of the biggest hangups people have when they create a blog is the fear of inferiority. No matter who you are, you’re sure to have something you know a lot about. Take advantage of this!

Think about what sort of resources you wish were available. Maybe you want more information on raising a rambunctious little boy, or you might want to have activity booklets for your artsy kids. If you can think of it, there’s probably someone out there who wants it!

Jodi’s Top 3 Tips for Making a Great Blog

In addition to sharing her journey with us, Jodi also offered us three of her best tips for creating a reliable source of passive income. If you’re thinking of starting your own blog, then here’s Jodi’s advice for you:

1. Have Daily Goals

Every day, Jodi has at least one thing that she needs to do for the blog. This can be as simple as updating some of the information or as involved as creating a new post. Blogs must be constantly updated, and falling behind is your enemy. To stay on top of things, do a little bit every day!

2. Be Patient

Blogging isn’t the fastest path to making money. As simple as it may be upfront, running a blog is a slow income stream. You need to grow your potential. Don’t dive in! Take it slow and build your audience, and you’ll soon be using an affiliate link like a pro!

3. Collaborate with Others

Finally, you’ll want to be open to collaboration. Blogs tend to work together, and these joint efforts give all of the blogs involved a chance to grow their audience. Find the biggest blogs in your niche and reach out to them! Ask if they’d be willing to collaborate with you! By associating yourself with established domains, you gain authority in your field.

As your blog grows, you may even find that you end up collaborating with yourself! From her roots as a Girl Scout blogger, Jodi has since branched out into other areas, and her sister sites often link back to her main website. These connections are essential to establishing your blog as a trustworthy website, and they push your page higher up the totem pole of search results.

How to Start a Blog that Makes a Full-Time Income The Rainmaker Family

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