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How to Skyrocket and Accelerate Your Career by Choosing Rest

When we share stories and advice with our Rainmaker families, we don’t want to just repeat the same old hustle culture platitudes. That’s not us. We’re not here to spend our lives working, just to lose out on precious family time.

So today, we want to share the power of rest, and how resting can actually help accelerate your career and help you reach your goals. Every day the world tells us that we have to keep pushing and keep going fast– but we aren’t machines. We’re people, and people need to rest! 

Choosing Rest

Rest isn’t just taking a break; it’s an active choice. When you choose to rest, when you choose to take a step back and give yourself the time and space for self-reflection, what you’re actually doing is making a space for growth and development. 

But sometimes, you have to rest. Sometimes, you’re forced into resting by outside circumstances. That’s what happened to me– when I was pregnant with Oliver, it was a rough ride. I wasn’t able to keep up with my usual pace. I had to rest.

And let me tell you, I did not want to rest! Toward the end of 2022, I spent a lot of time frustrated. Every time I would gain momentum or more energy, I was just faced with setback after setback. It felt like I was taking ten steps forward and then five steps back, and it was a really frustrating place to be in. I had all of these dreams and goals, but I couldn’t meet them because my body was forcing me to rest. 

And then Ollie was born, and…I kept resting. Instead of getting right back to work, I took two months away. I did this because I wanted to be with my newborn. They’re only little once, and I wanted to spend that time with him. And as I rested with intention, I felt something change. Coming out of those two months, I could feel the shift happening. I was ready to hit the ground running, but it wasn’t a frantic hustle mode. Instead, it was a refinement. I knew what I wanted to do and how I needed to do it– and I only had the energy because I rested.

Mom playing with toddler on autumn leaves pile

Rest Is The Key

If you’re reading this and it’s resonating with you– if you have been feeling a slump in your life or your business, or you’ve been struggling with your day-to-day tasks– then rest is the key. Rest is what’s going to help lift you up and give you the energy to accelerate your career. 

You don’t have to put everything on hold– if it’s not realistic to take two months away from your business, then don’t. For many people, it won’t be. You still have bills to pay and kids who need you, and life is going to continue. 

But what if you took a day, or even just an afternoon for yourself to intentionally rest? What if you spent a little bit to secure some childcare so that you can go rest? What if you took a week off of social media, or chose to not carry your phone around unless you were going out of the house? That’s rest! Tilt your work-life balance towards “life” and take that time to rest and recharge.

Rest As A Strategy

Sometimes the biggest strategy for moving toward your growth is to rest. Give yourself the time to refresh and rejuvenate, and give yourself time to look back on your progress and accurately reflect. Lean into rest and use your resting periods to your advantage. Take some time to rest at the end of the month and practice some self-reflection. After you rest, ask yourself what you need to change and shift. When you take the time to rest, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to fine-tune your goals. Rest will allow you to ease into the next month or phase of your business.

When you’re setting goals for 2023 and beyond, make sure that getting rest is on the list. As we move through different seasons of life, it is always worth it to make time for rest. Rest is how we prepare to move forward. It’s where we get the energy to keep going. 

This year, take some time to rest. Take some time for yourself because you need it. I believe that you’re going to see a massive return on whatever you’re building or fighting for if you take the time to give yourself some space and just rest. You can listen to the complete podcast about choosing rest to accelerate your success here.
At Rainmakers, we know how important it is to rest. We believe that nothing is as important as taking time for you and your family. Join our seven-day Rainmaker Challenge to learn how to grow your business and finances without taking time away from what’s really important.

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