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How To Sell on Facebook Marketplace 2020 | Make $1000 THIS Weekend Tutorial


Would you like to make an extra $1,000 over the weekend? If you are following us, the answer is probably yes! 

That is why I want to invite you to take the “Make it Rain by Monday” challenge using Facebook Marketplace. Now I know you have probably seen a few people talking about Facebook before but before you click away, hear me out; we have found new tips and ways to help you hack your item’s views, so that you can actually get your listings moving fast, get paid quickly, and we’ll walk you through exactly how to do it.  

One study found that the average American has $3,000 worth of unused “stuff” sitting around their house. That is money just sitting there, in a closet or in the garage that could be helping fund your dreams. 

Think of it as a virtual garage sale, or “Dream Cleaning”. It’s like spring cleaning, but you are going to be using that money to go towards some dream. Whether it be a dream vacation, a dream item, building your business or paying off some debt, we are here to show you exactly how to make that dream a reality. 

The top selling items on Facebook Marketplace are:

  • Home decor
  • Sports and outdoor equipment
  • Electronics
  • Clothes 
  • Accessories 

 Start thinking about some of those things that you have in your house right now that you aren’t using and put them together in a “get rid of” basket, box, or space. 

One reason we suggest using Facebook Marketplace over Ebay or Craigslist is because people on Ebay or Craigslist are usually searching for a specific item, whereas Facebook Marketplace uses the algorithm to put your item in someone’s feed and create an impulse to buy it. Facebook is the home of impulse clicking, so why not use it as a place for impulse buying as well? As someone is scrolling through Facebook it isn’t always about the item, it’s about the price. Listing it lower is going to move it fast and not allow it to sit there for days on end, earning you a higher conversion rate, and allowing you to be seen even more.

So how do you get a high conversion on your items? (Conversion = how many people see your listing vs. how many people buy from you.) Here are 5 things you need to do to increase you conversions on any item! 

Pick an Irresistible Pricing  

That is number one downfall of people on Facebook Marketplace, is pricing an item too high. A low, impulse price of $5-$15 is going to get clicked on especially when it’s right there in their feed anyway. While $5-$15 doesn’t seem like a lot, it adds up quickly. 

But wait, there is more! Stack and Bundle Items

Rather than selling something as a set, focus on one item in that set and say the other pieces are free. For example: “Queen size down comforter with FREE pillow covers, shams, and dust cover.” or “ 8×10 art prints with FREE frames”.

When selling items like movies, books, or video games, bundle a few together that are related genres or styles. If they really want even one of the titles, they’ll feel like they’re getting the rest as a bonus.  

Get Straight To The Close

Make payment, pick-up, delivery as quick and easy as possible. 

For payment, offer Venmo, CashApp, Paypal, Facebook pay, whatever can make the transaction instant and simple, because people don’t always carry cash on them. 

For delivery, offer same day delivery for a small fee, or porch pick up. Porch pick up is really popular because you just set the item on the porch and they come and get it when it’s convenient for them. If they chose this method, but their name and a thank you note on the item, then take a picture of it on your porch and send it to the buyer right after. This way they know that it is real, it is out there, and ready for them. This is also a really great personal touch. You could even offer hand santazier or lysol on the porch for  them to spray it down and feel more safe about taking it. 

Emotion Based Copy: Writing The Words That Sell

The “copy” is the place where you are explaining the details of the item, but if you can use it to create a story with the description, it helps people picture the item in their life and makes them want it more. Using phrases such as, “picture this hanging on the wall in your office…imagine taking your family for a night sleeping under the stars…outfit that I received many compliments on…a great addition for the ______ lover in your life.” not only describe the item to them, but paints a picture of how it would apply to them in their life.  

Take High Quality Photo 

This one is big. The cleaner you can make a photo look, and bring focus to that item the better. We’ve all seen the picture inside someone’s closet and get distracted by the unfolded item falling off the shelf, or the clutter at the top. Don’t be that person. 

If you can, stage your photo by a window with natural light. Use a white board or a white bed sheet to stage the items on to keep it very clean. 

Get level with the item. Even if that means you to squat, lie down, whatever you need to do to get on its level. Doing this will make the item look bigger, shows off textures, and has less distraction like we mentioned earlier. 

Bonus photo tip: see if you can find your item online from whatever retailer you bought it from and screen shot that picture and price. Then post that website photo with the one you took. This way the buyer can see the condition, the original listing and what the retail price is, so they know they are getting a great deal. 

Using these tips, “free” terms, cheap pricing, easy payment and easy delivery/pick-up will make your items even more irresistible to impulse buyers. They will have scrolled, clicked, bought, and be ready to receive before they even have the chance to talk themselves out of it. 

Now that you have your items ready to go, we’re going to walk you through the listing process step-by-step, using as many of our conversion boosters as we can. This is all easiest to do straight from your phone because all your pictures are already on your phone, and the buttons are easier to navigate through on the mobile version than the desktop version. We’re going to use an example of a pot stand that we’re selling.

How To List An Item On Facebook Marketplace:

  • Log into Facebook and go to Marketplace (the button that looks like a little bazaar booth)
  • Click sell
  • Select Item
  • Add photo you took plus the website screenshot with retail price
  • Give it a very specific title with searchable keywords (Let’s pretend we’re selling a pot stand. I would list it as White Modern Boho Ceramic Pot Stand with FREE Indoor Plant)
  • Price it at that impulse price. (For our pretend stand I would say $15 because the Crate and Barrel price is $95 as they can see in the website shot I included)
  • Choose a category (Pots and Planters)
  • Condition and Brand (Like New – Crate and Barrel)
  • Copy (This is where you tell your story. “Sad to depart with this gorgeous pot stand. It made the perfect accent to my work space and I frequently received compliments on it. The plant included is almost impossible to kill, so even if you’ve had trouble keeping plants alive in the past, this one will renew your confidence.)
  • At the bottom of the listing I always copy and past this phrase “FCFS (first come first serve), Crossposted (posted in more than just one place), Venmo, Paypal, CashApp, Porch Pick-up available (then list your town-area of town-landmark close by so they buyer has an idea if this is an option for them), Can Deliver for $__(price depending on size and distance) to make it easy for you. 
  • So all in all it’ll look like this: FCFC, Crossposted, Venmo, CashApp, Paypal, accepted, Porch Pick-up Available (Canyon, TX – south side – near First United Bank Center), Can Deliver for $5-$10 more to make it easy.
  • “Please message me as I don’t always get notified about comments here.” (Messaging is nice because you can sort out the flaky people by asking can you get it now? Tonight? Make a specific timeline so you can get it sold to someone as soon as possible.
  • Product tags (this is where you are going to choose relevant keywords for your item. Planter. Pots. Indoor Planter. Modern. Boho.)
  • Option to hide from friends. (This would be good if you are posting several items in one weekend so you don’t spam your friends. However, if it’s just a few things including your friends might not be a bad idea because they will likely be interested because they’ve seen your stuff before.)
  • Tap next for shipping or local/door drop. (Here you can choose if you want to open it up to a broad market by offering the shipping option, or you can choose to only do local. You’ll have more exposure if you post it under shipping option, plus you can work with the person on how to handle shipping cost)
  • Tap next to List in other Buy-Sell-Trade groups (Before you decide to do your big weekend push, join as many BST groups as you can so that when this comes up you can add your listing to those groups and get it in front of even more people. This is also an example of Cross Sharing)
  • Publish
  • Wait for a response. 
  • Once you get a response from an interested buyer, lead the conversation with payment options or pick-up method. (This way you can tell how serious they are about buying it and move on if you need to. This could look like responding to a message that says “I’m interested, is this still available?” with “Yes it is! Do you have Venmo? I can get it to you as early as this afternoon.”)

If you have gotten this far and are still thinking, “This is great, but I truly don’t have anything to sell in my house!” Then don’t worry, we got you. 

One Facebook Marketplace technique that not many people are talking about is dropshipping. This is where you sell other people or stores products and you get paid for it. (Kind of like an Amazon FBA

This is a perfectly formula for Facebook with their new payment and shipping system all through their app. Plus, Facebook isn’t as saturated as other dropshipping platforms so there is more than enough room for you to find success. 

Luckly, we have an entire video and blog all about Dropshipping with Facebook and we help you step-by step, click here to dive in!

Alight, there you have it! That’s how to list items on Facebook Marketplace. If you use these high conversion tips, you should be able to list an item and sell it within an hour. If something happens and your item doesn’t move in one day, try changing up your title to be more specific, include more keywords, try opening it up to more than just local, or adjust the price. 

If you decide to spend a weekend using these tips and “Make it Rain by Monday” let us know about it! We love to celebrate with others and see their success. Use the links below and tag us with your story on Facebook and Instagram!



►How to Sell of Facebook Marketplace – Make $1,000 This Weekend

Study referenced about value of unused stuff in homes. 

► Rainmaker Facebook

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