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How To Plant Yourself In A Ultra Growth Environment, Why I Stopped Calling Myself a Single Mom, & Sales Strategy From The #1 in Sales at a Fortune 500 Company with Desirae King

Hey friends! Welcome back to another episode of The Rainmaker Family Podcast. Today’s episode is filled with nuggets of wisdom and power, so you do not want to miss it. 

We all go through seasons that are bountiful and beautiful, as well as seasons that are barren and dark.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember what the light is like when you’re in the dark, and sometimes even harder to remember how to stay challenged and continue to grow in the light. 

Today’s guest has lived through the darkness, taken wisdom with her, and used it to thrive and serve others on the other side. Desire King is a multinational speaker, coach, and held the number one spot in sales for Fortune 500 companies. 

Desirae grew up without the promise of living to see 16, learned the power of changing her mindset, the importance of environment, how to overcome walls we all tend to hit in life, the power of storytelling, how you talk to yourself and why you need to keep going and growing. 

Grab something to write with or open up your notes app, because you will want to remember the wisdom Desire shares on how to effectively communicate, the other side of sales, and how to take on challenges and grow into bigger and better places in your business. 

This is a power-packed episode we can’t wait for you to hear, and start growing further in your personal and professional experience. 

More of What We Talk About:

  • Growing up in the projects
  • Why environment is so important 
  • The three things that you have to change in order to change your life 
  • How to know when you’ve outgrown a season 
  • Pitfalls that get you permanently stuck in a temporary situation 
  • The importance of the identity you claim 
  • Replacing lies with truth 
  • How to speak to yourself
  • The second definition of sales
  • Storytelling as a form of communication 
  • Shifting from selling to serving 
  • Jumping in on the things birthed in our generation 
  • The fear of no 
  • And more!



Desirae King:



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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:01 What to expect today
  • 1:39 Conversations starts
  • 2:10 Get to know Desirae
  • 5:59 When Desirae knew there was something more
  • 18:00 You are not just what you do
  • 20:26 The two most important things you can ask yourself
  • 29:43 Validating yourself
  • 35:50 Sales tips from Desirae
  • 47:30 It’s time to take action!
  • 49:00 The word NO can never change your life

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